Tuesday, February 18, 2020


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How To Make Your Own Fake Virus 1
If you want to pretend that you are a dangerous hacker with the ability to take down any PC then here is a way to show off your skills. We are not telling how to make a real virus, it's just a fake one just for the sake of...
Firefox 4 Is Now Officially Available For Download
Firefox 4 final version is now officially available for public to download. At time of writing this article, it has been downloaded more the 700,000 times. Firefox 4 is compatible with Windows (Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7), Mac (Mac OS X 10.5 or later) and Linux. You can download Firefox 4 from here. Press...
Apple Working On Fuel Cell Powered MacBooks [REPORT] 1
A MacBook has sufficient battery when compared to other netbooks and laptops, nearly 10 hours or so. But still 10 hours is not enough to rely on your MacBook too much. And for that reason, folks at Apple are working on it hard to increase the battery life of...
Apple & Mac Logos Wallpaper Collection For Your Desktop 1
We are back with another post of wallpapers for your desktop. This time it's a beautiful set of Apple and Mac Logo wallpapers to help get your computers one step closer to Apple perfection. Let us know in comments which one you liked and downloaded. :) via howtogeek
Use GrowlNotifier To Send iOS Notifications Directly To Your Mac 1
Each day, Cydia turns up with another useful little tweak, making our iPhone-ic lives more easy, convenient and completely under our control. And yes, we have found another wonderful little tweak hidden in Cydia. It is called GrowlNotifier. This app will prove to be absolutely brilliant to you when you...
"Valentine's Day" Wallpaper Collection For Your Desktop
For all the lovers out there, here's a romantic set of wallpapers to celebrate your love and affection for your intimate companions. :D Let us know which one you liked and downloaded in the comments below. Note: Open the image in a new tab for a full size wallpaper. via howtogeek
"Zoom Effect" Wallpaper Collection For Your Desktop
Most people zoom only before or after taking a photograph. But if you want to have a little fun with your digital camera next time you go out with it, try zooming while taking pictures - that will give a surprisingly versatile, inevitably eye-catching result. We have compiled a set...
10 Google Calendar Features You Should Use
If you’re a Google or Gmail user, then you must have, in one way or another, checked or used Google calendar. It’s part of the package. By logging in to your Gmail account, you can freely use this tool to plot tasks on specific dates and manage meetings and...
Sea Life Wallpaper Collection For Your Desktop
Here is another post of wallpapers for your desktop. This time it's a peaceful ocean scenery and the wondrous creatures that live underwater.Download the wallpapers to bring the beauty of the world beneath the waves to your desktop with our Sea Life Wallpaper Collection. :) Let us know in comments which...
How To Find Out If Someone's Stealing Your WiFi 1
If you are experiencing low-speed internet on your WiFi Network then there is a possibility that someone is stealing it. Here's our how-to guide to find-out if someone is stealing your WiFi and how to stop them. Check Your Wireless Router Lights Wireless routers have indicator lights that blinks if...




Spermbots Offer a Promising New Way to Target Cancer

Chemotherapy is brutal. The drugs are delivered in near-toxic doses to penetrate tumor ­tissues, indiscriminately vanquishing the patient’s appetite, hair, and immune system alongside...