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How To Schedule Downloads On Firefox In Off-Peak Times 1
If you're having trouble while downloading large files during peak hours, you must be looking for a lightweight Firefox addon for scheduling your downloads for a later time. What we recommend is to install a small Firefox extension called Download Scheduler - to schedule your downloads for off-peak hours. Get Download Scheduler...
10 Add-Ons That Slow Firefox Down The Most 1
Mozilla has released a list of ten(10) Firefox add-ons that affects the browser's performance the most. The list have been compiled by performing automated tests on different add-ons by Mozilla. If you have any of the listed plugins installed, we recommend you to remove them immediately for faster browsing...
More Than 6 Million Firefox 4 Downloads Made In First 24 Hours
According to Mozilla's download stats page, more than 6 million Firefox 4 downloads have been made in less than 24 hours after its official release. At the moment, the counter shows 7,236,087 downloads and increasing at a rapid rate. In comparison, Internet Explorer was downloaded 2.35 million times in first...
Firefox 4 Is Now Officially Available For Download
Firefox 4 final version is now officially available for public to download. At time of writing this article, it has been downloaded more the 700,000 times. Firefox 4 is compatible with Windows (Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7), Mac (Mac OS X 10.5 or later) and Linux. You can download Firefox 4 from here. Press...
Creeper The First Ever Computer Virus, Turns 40
Creeper the first ever computer virus has turned 40 today. Created back in 1971, it was named after a character (Creeper) in Scooby Doo cartoons. The virus had a strange property of replicating itself and then deleting all it's previous versions on the machine. The most noticeable thing Creeper...
Firefox 4 Final Version To Release On March 22
After releasing about 10 beta versions, Mozilla has finally decided to roll out the "final version" of Firefox 4. If all goes well and according to plan, the final release will be out on March 22. It was announced last week, that Firefox 4 has moved out of its beta...
"Valentine's Day" Wallpaper Collection For Your Desktop
For all the lovers out there, here's a romantic set of wallpapers to celebrate your love and affection for your intimate companions. :D Let us know which one you liked and downloaded in the comments below. Note: Open the image in a new tab for a full size wallpaper. via howtogeek
How To Find Out If Someone's Stealing Your WiFi 1
If you are experiencing low-speed internet on your WiFi Network then there is a possibility that someone is stealing it. Here's our how-to guide to find-out if someone is stealing your WiFi and how to stop them. Check Your Wireless Router Lights Wireless routers have indicator lights that blinks if...
“Snow-Capped Trees” Wallpaper Collection For Your Desktop
We are back with another set of wallpapers and this time its all about Snow Capped Trees. Enjoy the journey through frosty scenery & feel this beautiful work of natural art. :D via howtogeek
How To Speed Up Your Aging Laptop 1
It's a common observation that laptops with the passage of time get slower and users end up buying a new one after getting frustrated. Check out our how-to guide to speed up your aging laptop without buying a new one. Re-Install Operating System The first thing you must do is to...


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