Monday, May 25, 2020


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"Happy New Year" Wallpaper Collection For Your Desktop
New year is just around the corner, so  it's a time to look forward to the new one and think how to make it better then 2010. For that matter, we have compiled a set of  Happy New Year wallpapers for your desktops. :D We hope that new year will...
"Mirror's Edge" Wallpaper Collection For Your Desktop
Mirror's Edge is a single-player first person action-adventure video game developed by EA. The game allows wider range of actions such as sliding under barriers, tumbling, wall-running, and shimmying across ledges and greater freedom of movement. This collection of wallpapers will help bring Faith's(main character) adventures straight to your desktop. :D
"Merry Christmas" Wallpaper Collection For Your Desktop
Christmas is just around the corner & we are sure your preparations to the festivities are going great. Today we are here to provide you guys with a set of merry christmas wallpapers to add final touches of holiday cheer & decoration to your desktops. :D Note: Open a picture...
Updated OS X 10.7.3 (build 11D24) Being Seeded To Developers: Download Now
Apple has reportedly started seeding the updated OS X 10.7.3 (build 11D24) to developers. This is an updated version of the OS X 10.7.3, which was released a couple of weeks ago. Apple has also added Spotlight and Safari to the list of areas they would like developers to focus on. As...
Top 10 Windows Applications That Should Be On Mac 1
Macintosh, popular known as Mac is among the best operating systems that are made by Apple Inc. The numbers of Mac users have been increasing steadily over the years. Macintosh was the first computer that had graphical user interface. With course of time, not only it gained popularity but...
"Valentine's Day" Wallpaper Collection For Your Desktop
For all the lovers out there, here's a romantic set of wallpapers to celebrate your love and affection for your intimate companions. :D Let us know which one you liked and downloaded in the comments below. Note: Open the image in a new tab for a full size wallpaper. via howtogeek
The Difference Between PC And Mac Users [INFOGRAPHIC] 1
Whether you're a PC or Mac it hardly matters, but there are some significant differences between the users of the two. The infographic(below) created by folks at Hunch shows the difference between PC and Mac users — based on data of about 700,000 people who visited Some interesting facts mentioned — PC users like...
"Wild Cats" Wallpaper Collection For Your Desktop
We are back with another set of wallpaper collection but this time it's all about Big Game Cats(tigers, leopards, and lions) to give an an elegant touch of cattitude to your desktop. :) Note: Open Image in a new window to download full size wallpaper. Let us know in comments which...
Tweetbot For Mac Public Alpha Released - Download Now
It's finally here! For those of you who loving checking Twitter from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch have probably been using ,or at least heard of, Tweetbot. This incredible intuitive mobile application has been hyping a crossover to Mac for the longest time and now it's out... sort of....
Top 10 Gifts To Give This Holiday 1
Just hours ago, we published an article about the top 5 worst gifts to give to a friend this holiday. Well now, we have a list of 10 gifts, that are a must-give to a friend if you are thinking of buying one. The good thing is that they...




Bad Air Linked To Dementia, Bezos' Lunar Lander, and More News

Air pollution is worse for us than we thought, the world's richest man unveiled his moon craft, and Mother's Day is around the corner....

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