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10 Recent and Disturbing Scientific Developments 1
Scientific advances can be astonishing events that bring hope and joy to the human race, but all too often these advances can come at a horrifying price. These 10 recent developments are examples of this. 10. Man-Made Organs The liver is one of the most used and abused organs in the...
U.S. Army halts use of Chinese-made drones over cyber concerns
The U.S. Army has ordered its members to stop using drones made by Chinese manufacturer SZ DJI Technology Co Ltd because of "Cyber vulnerabilities" in the products. An Aug. 2 Army memo posted online and verified by Reuters applies to all DJI drones and systems that use DJI components or software. It requires service members to "Cease all use, uninstall all DJI applications, remove all batteries/storage media and secure equipment for follow-on direction." The memo says DJI drones are the most widely used by the Army among off-the-shelf equipment of that type. DJI said in a statement that it was "Surprised and disappointed" at the Army's "Unprompted restriction on DJI drones as we were not consulted during their decision." The privately held company said it would contact the Army to determine what it means by "Cyber vulnerabilities" and was willing to work with the Pentagon to address concerns. Analysts at Goldman Sachs and Oppenheimer estimated in 2016 that DJI had about 70 percent share of the global commercial and consumer drone market. Goldman analysts estimated the market, including military, to be worth more than $100 billion over the next five years. The Army was considering issuing a statement about the policy, said Army spokesman Dov Schwartz. The move appears to follow studies conducted by the Army Research Laboratory and the Navy that said there were risks and vulnerabilities in DJI products. The memo cites a classified Army Research Laboratory report and a Navy memo, both from May as references for the order to cease use of DJI drones and related equipment.
Top 10 Best Fighter Aircraft In the World 1
Fighter planes are an integral part of any state’s defence today. The more technologically advanced fighter planes a nation has, the more strongly it could defend itself against its enemies in times of war. These fighter jets are made especially on order and are then exported to the countries...
Future Soldiers Could Go To War Wearing Tough And Flexible Body Armour Derived From Arapaima's Scales 1
Piranhas are the most ferocious under water fish. Due to their atrocious nature, survival of other underwater could be in danger but so is not the case. The reason behind that is the fact that some of the fishes such as Arapaima has body armor (tight but flexible scales). Researchers from the...
U.S. Military Is Using Dolphins To Detect Mines
The U.S Military has invested billions of dollars to buy modern equipment, but have you ever wondered what do they use to detect mines underwater? The answer is Dolphins!! Yes you read that right! They use dolphins to detect mines for them. So, instead of spending money on valuable machinery, they are now using...
Top 10 Worst Technological Failures 1
Sometimes even the best can fail and at the most inappropriate of times, leaving you stunned and confounded; Zidane’s legendary headbutt in the 2006 world cup surprised even the casual fan. Technology isn’t invincible either; it can leave Bill Gates speechless in face of a blue screen of death...
Drone photography offers a different view on tourism
"'I bet you've looked at drone footage and just thought 'wow," says Guardian photographer and licensed drone operator Graeme Robertson. Robertson explains the appeal of drone photography, which has had a surge in popularity in recent years. Drones entered the mainstream imagination in an unlikely way. The unmanned aerial vehicles first became...
DTV Shredder: A Military Style Skateboard 1
Created by Ben Gulak(the guy who made the Uno bike) The DTV Shredder is a military style skateboard with two caterpillar tracks. It has a speed of over 30mph, can go up to 40-degree slopes, turn around in four feet, and be remotely operated. The DTV Shredder was presented as a "first response modular...
Killer robots: Experts warn of third revolution in warfare
More than 100 leading robotics experts are urging the United Nations to take action in order to prevent the development of "Killer robots". In a letter to the organisation, artificial intelligence leaders, including billionaire Elon Musk, warn of "a third revolution in warfare". The letter says "Lethal autonomous" technology is a "Pandora's box", adding that time is of the essence. The 116 experts are calling for a ban on the use of AI in managing weaponry. "These can be weapons of terror, weapons that despots and terrorists use against innocent populations, and weapons hacked to behave in undesirable ways," it adds. There is an urgent tone to the message from the technology leaders, who warn that "We do not have long to act". Experts are calling for what they describe as "Morally wrong" technology to be added to the list of weapons banned under the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons. Along with Tesla co-founder and chief executive Mr Musk, the technology leaders include Mustafa Suleyman, Google's DeepMind co-founder. A potential ban on the development of "Killer robot" technology has previously been discussed by UN committees. In 2015, more than 1,000 tech experts, scientists and researchers wrote a letter warning about the dangers of autonomous weaponry. A killer robot is a fully autonomous weapon that can select and engage targets without human intervention. Those in favour of killer robots believe the current laws of war may be sufficient to address any problems that might emerge if they are ever deployed, arguing that a moratorium, not an outright ban, should be called if this is not the case.
This Devastating New Bullet Is The "World's Deadliest Bullet Ever Made" 1
Bullets used in pistols have retained pretty much the same form and shape since their inception many decades back. The end of a pistol bullet, in particular, is meant to hit the target and neutralize the enemy upon impact. It has not undergone any significant changes over all these...




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Apple iPad 2 In Pictures

Apple iPad 2 In Pictures