Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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How to Operate a Drone Like a Pro
Are you a current owner of a drone or considering buying one? Now is the perfect time to invest in one since they're becoming increasingly popular. Did you know that that Amazon is considering drones for shipping medications and medical equipment?
9 Super Nice Watch Brands You Need to Know
When it comes to style, there are few ways that you can really accessorize an outfit meaningfully than with a timepiece on your wrist. If you're looking to upgrade your aesthetic without adding a single piece of clothing to your wardrobe, then the purchase that you need...
The Pros and Cons of a Zoom Subscription
It's safe to say that Zoom has become one of the hottest software options on the market today thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. If you didn't know what it was three or four months ago, you definitely know now! But Zoom can be a...
What Does the Future of Drones Actually Look Like?
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a drone! Like it or not, drones are becoming part of our daily lives. Once thought of as a figment of a science fiction imagination, drones are now the reality.
Best High-End Headphones: Top 7 Best Headphones of 2020
Are you looking to get a new pair of headphones that promise the excellent quality? With so many choices in the market, it can be difficult to find the best high-end headphones for you. Some people get overwhelmed with all the great wireless and...
TU Graz Engineers Create Metal 3D Printer That Uses LED
3D printing is a hot topic at the moment and now engineers from Graz University of Technology or TU Graz have come up with a new metal powder additive manufacturing system that uses LED not laser to melt powder. The process is called selective...
How to Redesign Your Marketing Measurements and Why
Every company is now striving to use data to make marketing decisions. As soon as the strategy is laid, a lot of money is used to implement it - buying marketing materials, paying for digital marketing, and the human resource involved. The marketing measurement also requires a...
Here's How to Open a JSON File in PDF (Fast!)
PDFs continue to be the standard in sharing documents across computer platforms. No matter your device, a PDF will look, print, and act the same. JSON is a lightweight way to store and transport data. It's become the de-facto format for sending information to...
Freebie Time: 10 Websites and Apps Where You Can Get Free Stuff
No one likes to turn down a good deal and getting something for free is even better. Do you wish you were able to get some free items online, but you don't know where to look? Are you looking for coupons or discounts?
How Do Barcodes Work?
Did you know that the first barcode was scanned in 1974 at a grocery store in the small city of Troy, Ohio? Although barcodes have only been around for less than 50 years, most people can't imagine life without them now. From shopping to...