Wednesday, February 19, 2020

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‎16% Of All Cellphones Have Traces Of Poop On Them [INFOGRAPHIC]
A new study says that 16% of all the cellphones have poop on them and if this is not enough to scare you, consider this; almost all of your favourite tech toys have unexplainable amounts of germs on them. For instance, keyboards, you are happily using them carelessly but do...
New iPhone 5 Concept Is Slim, Sleek, SIM-Less And Has LED-Powered Edges [IMAGES] 1
Apple products have always fascinated people with their breakthrough designs that are a beautiful and user-friendly at the same time. Gadget designers all over the world like to try their hand at designing latest Apple devices from time to time and the most famous of these designers is Antonio De...
Some Very Odd Houses In The World 1
You choose your own homes, just like you choose your own food. What architectural design would suit it best and how you would want it painted are questions you would most definitely ask yourself. It is entirely up to you if you choose small over big, and a bright...
What Your iPhone Case Says About Your Personality [Infographic]
Have you ever wondered what your iPhone case says about your personality? Chances are you have never thought about. But fact of the matter is, your iPhone's cover/case is something that greatly represents your personality. Mashable has put together a rather humorous infographic, listing different types of iPhone cases and...
This Guy Built The Most EPIC Camping Truck Ever That Will Blow You Away 1
Redditor tylerthompson21 is one who fancies adventure. He was planning something special, a vehicle, for his vacations but had limited resources at his disposal. He soon realized that the burden on his wallet would be too great if he were to acquire the perfect vehicle for his expedition. So...
Best Android Phones Of 2011 So Far [PHOTOS]
2011 has already seen a flurry of new phones so far and most of them are Android powered handsets. Today we have picked the best Android phones from 2011 and listed them in our photo gallery. Let us know in comments which Android handset you possess or looking to buy...
15 Pictures That Show There Are Two Kinds Of People In This World 1
There is no denying that people vary in their choices and tastes. Eventually, it all boils down to two choices, this or that. A website meant for food enthusiasts by the name Zomato has compiled these choices in interesting infographics. Do you recognize yourself? It is important to note that...
"Beautiful Butterflies" Wallpaper Collection For Your Desktop
As the Spring Season approaches we have another set of wallpapers for your desktop, this time its all about colourful flowers surrounded by beautiful butterflies. Download and fill your desktop with our "Beautiful Butterflies" Wallpaper Collection. Note: Open the image in a new tab for a full size wallpaper.
103-Year-Old Celebrates Her Birthday By Dressing Up As Wonder Woman And Volunteering At Senior Center 1
Marry Cotter is a 103 year old lady who dressed up as Wonder Woman to celebrate her 103rd birthday. The event was celebrated at the Montclair Senior Center based in California. The Montclair Senior Center was able to buy cakes online for this event. Cotter happened to be volunteering...
Car-Themed Wallpaper Collection For Your Desktop 1
Everyone love cars and so do we. Download the wallpapers to bring the awesomeness from the world cars to your desktop with our Car-Themed Wallpaper Collection. :) Let us know in comments which one you liked in downloaded. Note: Open images in a new window for a full size wallpaper.




How to Install Android On Your iPhone

If you are getting bored with your iOS and interested in using Android OS on your iPhone, you just have to follow a few...