Friday, May 29, 2020
5 top smart home devices in 2017
Smart homes are not in the future. They are here already and are revolutionizing the way we live, work, eat and sleep, one simple step at a time. What might look simple comes backed up by big names and big technology. Here’s our pick for the five top smart home...
The House today voted to repeal FCC Broadband privacy rules. This means that ISPs will soon be able to sell your private internet history with only the President's signature needed to make it official. A VPN protects your internet browsing privacy by directly connecting you to an endpoint. Your ISP sees...
Recover Data in a Flash with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
Files, emails, documents, pictures, and videos can all be accidentally deleted or lost from your PC from reasons such as viruses, accidental deletion while cleaning, or computer malfunction. When this happens a deep churn in the pit of your gut begins to swallow you up as you realize you’ve...
A dummies guide to buying a camera
Have you been wondering what it takes to buy that camera that you have been dreaming of? Maybe you have been using the wrong one and this leads to not getting quality pictures that you wanted? You could be dealing with advertising and you want to get the best...
Gaming Should not be Painful: 3 Great Chairs to Ease the Stress on Your Back
Video gaming is a fun, energetic, and competitive pastime, but like sports, gaming comes with a unique set of health challenges. Most people, however, don't see those challenges. What can go wrong when all you are doing is sitting down and using your hands to play a game on...
Photographer Captures The Cutest Squirrel Photo Shoot Ever 3
We have gone over the list and checked it three times to bring you the best DSLR cameras for beginners.




Ekasbo’s Matebot may be the cutest cat robot yet created

If Shrek saw Matebot, no amount of sad-eyes could win him back to Puss in Boots’ side. Created by Shenzhen-based robotics company Ekasbo, Matebot...