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Video gaming is a fun, energetic, and competitive pastime, but like sports, gaming comes with a unique set of health challenges. Most people, however, don’t see those challenges. What can go wrong when all you are doing is sitting down and using your hands to play a game on a computer or television screen?

Well, sitting — and sitting wrongly — is the problem. Many gamers site perched on the edge of their chair or couch, leaning toward the screen. Others slouch, get comfortable or put their feet up on the table. The longer they stay in one position, the more damaging the effects to their body can be.

Adam Fields, an American chiropractor, says a lot of his patients are heavy gamers. He says, “The biggest problem I see is postural syndrome” — a condition in which a person has rounded shoulders, an unusually extended neck, and a hunched back. He adds, “These are the slouchers. It comes from sitting forward or looking at your phone or TV screen for hours without any kind of exercise to counter that.” If not corrected early and quickly, the postural syndrome will lead to being hunchbacked in later years and can cause other health problems.

So, what can gamers do to alleviate stress, back pain, and postural syndrome? They can consider getting an ergonomic gaming chair — one specifically designed to keep gamers comfortable while not cutting back on their fun. Below are three great chairs to consider.

Kinsal Large Size PC Gaming Chair

This bold, blue and black, high-back, ergonomic chair is ideal for gamers who want to care for their bodies while engaging in their favorite pastime. It is suitable for all people short and tall, big and small. No matter how intense the game, your body will feel relaxed and stress-free. Some of the great benefits of this chair include a high, straight back; fully adjustable armrests; adjustable height; 90 to 180-degree tilt mechanism; lower-back cushion and headrest pillow; universal, smooth and silent racing wheels; and a high quality, easily-cleaned, and fade-resistant finish.

OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair

This wide-shouldered gaming chair is comfort personified. Its open design provides users with a full-range of motion which is useful for games that require action from the arms and shoulders as well as the fingers. Its quality metal frame construction is covered in durable, soft, synthetic leather. The adjustable seat allows for changing the height, shifting the armrests, and even lets users lay back in a fully reclined position. It comes with a removable lumbar and headrest.

KingCore Ergonomic Gaming Chair

This breathable high-backed racing chair is perfect for helping you keep your hip and waist posture correct. The seat itself is made of a special fill sponge used in racing cars that have endured one hundred thousand extrusion deformation tests. The backrest is adjustable and the seat is designed to be comfortable for resting and napping. Armrests are also adjustable helping users avoid shoulder aches and blood stagnation in the arms.

A one-time investment in an ergonomic gaming chair can go a long way to benefiting your body and preventing pain and discomfort down the road. An added benefit is that the chairs listed above — and any ergonomic gaming chair — easily doubles as an office utility which is extremely useful for those who spend much of their work time seated at a desk.

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A dummies guide to buying a camera Wed, 18 Oct 2017 22:01:44 +0000 A dummies guide to buying a camera

Have you been wondering what it takes to buy that camera that you have been dreaming of? Maybe you have been using the wrong one and this leads to not getting quality pictures that you wanted? You could be dealing with advertising and you want to get the best shot for your marketing strategies. Whichever case, here is what you should consider when buying a camera.


Price is one of the things to consider and here’s what you should ask yourself is what your estimated budget is. If you have a budget of around $1000, then you should have varieties to choose from. Some of the prices may be overrated yet the camera does not offer what you are looking for. Therefore, you should consider other aspects like storage and lens to make sure that the price is worth before purchase.


This is the part of the camera that captures the light. They are found in different sizes, have different resolutions and light sensitivity. Sensors that have high resolution captures the light and are quite big are quite expensive. A normal camera may possess 16-20 megapixels but some may have twofold that. The higher the resolution the better, however, cameras with fewer megapixels also work well, especially in dark places. Something to note here is that cameras with higher resolutions take up more space hence you need adequate storage.


Lenses go hand in hand with the sensor. This is the part that is in front of the sensor. Big lenses might be pricey but they allow enough light in and can work well even in dark places. They give quality pictures and are able to get images from a distance. Getting enough light helps to get the perfect image especially those photographers dealing with property photography as they are able to get clear and defined pictures for their work.


This is the sensitivity of your camera to the accessible light. High numbers of ISO increases the sensitivity of your camera. Higher sensitivity, however, comes at a price because it may add ‘noise’ or grain to the image as they call it. In a camera, there is something called base ISO, which allows the camera to take the lowest number of ISO without adding noise to the image. Therefore, you are advised to dependably adhere to the base ISO to get the most worthy quality pictures.


There are three major types of cameras; point -and -shoot, mirrorless and DSLRs cameras. Point-to-shoot cameras are mainly designed for simple tasks. They are mainly used by non-professional photographers or individuals who are on vacations and want to create memories. Mirrorless cameras accept different lenses and are also called mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera. They have increased sensor size than the point-and-shoot hence recommended for amateur photographers for they offer different types of lenses. Digital single- lens reflex camera (DSLR) is the most modern type of camera that is mainly used by professional photographers. Most commonly features in DSLR are mode dial, dust reduction systems, interchangeable lenses, HD video capture, live preview among others.


Other things you should look for in a camera include, Wi-Fi connectivity, dual memory card slots, built-in flash among others. Those are some of the basic things to consider while buying a camera.

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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer with IOTransfer Fri, 13 Oct 2017 07:55:52 +0000 How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer with IOTransfer

The most common and efficient way to capture a moment so you can look at it in the future to try to feel as you did and take you back to that moment are photos. Thanks to smartphones, especially iPhone, we don’t need to use expensive cameras to take amazing photos.

Often times, people lose a lot of photos of really important and meaningful moments when they lose their phones due to one reason or another. Losing those pictures means you won’t be able to take a look at them again. With the number of things, we have to remember, sometimes those special moments can be forgotten over time. Wouldn’t you like to see a picture of you and a friend who left to live in another country from 5 years ago?

It is important to save those pictures in backup places where you know they will be safe. Why not your computer which you have at your home or a laptop that is more difficult to lose than your iPhone?

Transferring photos to PC or laptop allows you to save a lot of photos which you can access really conveniently to go back and relive those great moments.

How to Transfer Photos From iPhone to Mac

If you own a mac you can simply connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable. Then the photos app that is installed on your Mac opens automatically. If for some reason it doesn’t, you can open your Applications folder and then select the Photos app.

Select import at the top of the app and then select import all new items. If you don’t want to download all photos and instead of a few select ones, just click all the photos you want and then click Import # Selected.

Unfortunately, you can’t transfer photos from iPhone to PC using iTunes because they don’t allow it. However, there is great free iPhone transfer software called IOTransfer that allows you to transfer all your photos from iPhone to PC really easily and way more quickly. This great iPhone manager allows you to transfer all your photos in just one click across multiple devices. Not even iTunes can top that.

How to Transfer Photos From iPhone to Computer via IOTransfer

First, you need to have iTunes downloaded on your PC because they install the iPhone drivers on your PC.

Download and install IOTransfer from their official website: Then open it and install it. The process is really simple, just press accept and install. That’s it, at that moment the installing process begins which means you just have to wait for a little while.

After you have the great iPhone transfer software IOTransfer installed you have to open it from the desktop or from the taskbar. Then you will see three options which are Sync to iTunes, Sync to PC and Sync to Device. If you want to transfer all photos from iPhone to PC, just click Sync to PC. In this way, all your photos will be copied to computer with one click.


If you don’t want to transfer all photos but instead just a selected few that you would like to save you can select Photos at the left bar, click the folder where the photo you want to transfer is, then select the photos you want to transfer and click any of the two options: Add and To Pc.


Thanks to the iPhone manager, IOTransfer, you will not only transfer those great pictures you have saved in your iPhone to your PC, but also can delete multiple photos in one click. The best part is that you can also transfer music, videos, iBooks, apps, voice memos, etc. between iDevices and PC.

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How to Watch Everything You Want without a Cable Bill Wed, 13 Sep 2017 18:13:38 +0000 How to Watch Everything You Want without a Cable Bill

If you haven’t yet heard, cable is slowly dying. Why? Put simply, because it’s becoming so easy to find programming without it. And not just platform-specific programming, like the many original programs being put out by Netflix and Amazon, but the very programs you know and love from television too. Needless to say, if you are looking to cut the cord yourself, there are plenty of reasons to do so. Here are 10 very good reasons, in fact.


Offering what it calls a la carte TV at just $20 per month, Sling is rather unique among cable cutting alternatives in that it offers live television, in addition to programming from many of your favorite cable channels (CNN, ESPN, Comedy Central, and MSNBC, to name but a few). Even more noteworthy, viewers can even catch live sporting events, such as NFL football games, which is not something that can be said for Netflix or Hulu Plus. Available online, via mobile app, or on your own television via a Roku, Apple TV, or other streaming devices, Sling has a lot to offer.


In terms of popularity and name recognition, Netflix is the streaming service. And while much has been said of the company’s film catalog slowly being stripped bare over the years, Netflix more than makes up for this in investments in original programming. After all, why continue to spend millions upon millions per year in licensing agreements when you can simply produce (or buy) your own content? That may be a big gamble, but it’s one the company is staking its future on, and with many of its titles being recognized by fans and insiders alike, it seems to be working so far. Another thing in Netflix’s favor? Some wireless carriers, like T-Mobile, are now offering it for free with their cell phone plans.

Hulu Plus

Think of Hulu Plus as Netflix, but with current TV shows rather than canceled and retired ones. Yes, the company made a big investment in Seinfeld, too much fanfare, and was once the home of the Criterion Collection online, but the company earns its place in the market by showing yesterday’s TV shows today. For individuals who have a hard time cutting the cord because they’re afraid they’ll miss out on their favorite shows, Hulu Plus might just be the single greatest solution to this problem. Most people will find that most of their favorite shows are available – and the very next day, too.


Unlike HBOGo, which requires a cable subscription, HBONow is an Internet-only subscription service that offers subscribers access to HBO’s vast catalog of original programming and licensed movies. It was designed to counter people’s single biggest complaint against HBOGo, namely that you already needed to be an HBO subscriber (and thus, a cable subscriber) to access it. That is no longer the case. Yes, for just $15 per month, you can watch Game of Thrones, Westworld, Ballers, and many other HBO titles right from your laptop, mobile device, or TV.

Amazon Video

As part of its Prime package, Amazon offers its own streaming service, complete with original programmings, like the award-winning Grand Tour. Other original content includes The Man in the High Castle and The Tick. Clearly, for the company that just bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, investing a little bit (okay, a lot) of money in its own programming isn’t something it’s afraid to do. Of course, original programming isn’t all that you get with your Amazon Prime subscription, which is paid on an annual basis, rather than monthly, as is common with many of Amazon’s competitors. Prime customers also get free shipping on most purchases, along with access to free songs, books, movies, television, and more.

CBS All Access

Many television channels have their own streaming service (see HBONow above), but CBS is perhaps the first channel to truly invest in the promise and potential of the technology. The company’s upcoming revitalization of the long popular television program Star Trek (titled simply Star Trek: Discovery) will be a CBS All Access exclusive in the United States (in international markets, it will be available on Netflix). To invest so much in such a popular series, and then to air that series exclusively on a paid subscription channel, is a gamble to be sure. If it works, it could change TV as we know it.


Cinephiles know what Filmstruck is, but the average moviegoer may not. It is a dedicated streaming service for classic and art house films, like those found in the Criterion Collection. Though the platform also has its own original programming, it is likely those Criterion films that will draw you in – or not. The odds are good that you either want this service or you don’t, as it’s a much more niche service than the other platforms on this list. Still, if you love film and live in the United States, this service could save you thousands on Blu-Ray and DVD sales of hard-to-find films.

YouTube Red

Raise your hand if you hate having to sit through a 30-second ad to watch a 1-minute video on YouTube? If you’re like most people, then you probably raised your hand! It’s a common complaint and one that YouTube has attempted to solve with its YouTube Red service. The platform, available for $10 per month, offers ad-free videos, uninterrupted music, offline videos (you can save videos for later viewing), and even Red-exclusive original content. For YouTube junkies, or simply YouTube regulars who hate ads, Red might be worth considering.

Disney Streaming (Coming Soon!)

The streaming landscape as we know it may be forever changed very soon. And that is because of Disney, owner of ABC television, LucasFilm, Marvel Entertainment, Pixar, and Disney Animation, among other companies, will be launching its own streaming service in the near future. What could this mean for competitors, such as Netflix and Hulu? It’s anyone’s guess at the moment. As of right now, it’s expected that the platform will go live in 2019, and will include all new Disney titles from 2019 onwards, such as Toy Story 4. Older titles, along with Disney television shows, will be added in time to fill out the film and TV library. Being that Disney makes some of the most popular and well-received films in the world, this new platform could be a legitimate game-changer.

So There You Have It!

Ten solid reasons for finally ditching cable. Now, it’s worth noting that if you subscribe to all of these streaming services, you will inevitably pay far more than you would for a simple cable plan (even a not-so-simple cable plan). The key is choosing the services that are right for you. If you watch a lot of television currently, platforms like Hulu Plus and CBS All Access are good choices. If on the other hand, you prefer watching movies, then Filmstruck or Disney’s upcoming platform might be a good bet. Decide what you want and choose wisely. Do so and you could save hundreds of dollars per year.

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Build A VR-Ready Gaming PC for Under $700 Wed, 30 Aug 2017 22:20:09 +0000 Build A VR-Ready Gaming PC for Under $700

When the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive first released, the cost to get a gaming computer capable of running the two popular VR headsets was quite a bit higher than it is now.

However, now you can get a VR-ready gaming computer for under $700.

The catch, of course, is that to get a VR-compatible PC for under $700, you will have to build your own computer.

Fortunately, building your own PC has never been easier than it is today.

In this guide, I’m going to go over all the parts that you will need to build a gaming computer that will run the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with no problems. And, I will show you how to do so all for under $700. (Not including the VR-headset.)

Part List for A $700 VR-Ready Gaming PC

What follows is a list of the PC components that will allow you to build a budget gaming computer that can run both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 ($164.70)
  • MOBO: MSI B350M PRO-VDH ($64.99)
  • GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti ($165.99)
  • RAM: 8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport ($67.99)
  • HDD: 1TB Seagate Barracuda ($44.99)
  • CASE: VIVO V01 Mid Tower ($35.99)
  • PSU: Corsair CX450 ($39.99)
  • OS: Windows 10 USB ($109.99)

The total price comes out to $694.63. It should be noted, though, that computer component prices fluctuate daily and the total listed will likely be different when you are reading this post.

Also, these prices are all taken from Amazon. If you want to try and build this same system you can shop around the different online retailers (like NCIX, Newegg, Tiger Direct, etc.) as they sometimes have lower prices.

What This PC Build Brings to the Table

First and foremost, this PC build will allow you to play games on both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

While this system does meet the minimum requirements to run the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive lists a “recommended” graphics card of a GTX 1060 or higher.

However, there are many instances in which users with GTX 1050 Tis have reported that they are, in fact, able to run the Vive just fine with a GTX 1050 Ti. So, you should be good-to-go if you want to go with an HTC Vive.

And, if you’d rather go the safe route, as was mentioned above, the GTX 1050 Ti does meet the requirements to run an Oculus Rift.

Beyond VR-gaming, this build will work very well as a 1080P gaming computer. With the Ryzen 5 1400 and the GTX 1050 Ti, you can expect to play any of today’s more demanding titles (like The Witcher 3, PUBG, The Rise of Tomb Raider, etc.) on a 1080P monitor with very playable framerates.

And, for non-demanding games like League of Legends, Minecraft, Dota 2, and Overwatch, this system will be able to handle them easily.

The other good thing about this build is that, as long as you plan on sticking to playing games on a 1080P monitor, this system will likely be relevant for the next 4-5 years at the least.

And, since most modern games are far more GPU dependent than they are CPU dependent, if you did want to move up to a 1440P or 4K monitor, you could easily do so by upgrading your video card down the road (and likely your PSU as well, to accommodate it.)

Build A VR-Ready Gaming PC for Under $700

Ultimately, while both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are big investments in themselves, the good news is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a system that is able to run them properly.

In this guide, we’ve laid out how you can build a VR-ready gaming computer for under $700.




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Recover Data in a Flash with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Thu, 17 Aug 2017 03:42:51 +0000 Recover Data in a Flash with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Files, emails, documents, pictures, and videos can all be accidentally deleted or lost from your PC from reasons such as viruses, accidental deletion while cleaning, or computer malfunction. When this happens a deep churn in the pit of your gut begins to swallow you up as you realize you’ve lost something incredibly important like your child’s first birthday video, a piece of your thesis, or an important work email. However, fret no further, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free data recovery software that can solve all your problems.

With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard you can recover lost data from not only your PC but any laptop or removable device including SSD, USB, digital cameras and more. The software is quick to install and works in a three step process. To begin, the program gets downloaded onto your computer. However do not download it on the disc where you lost data, otherwise, the lost files will be overwritten. Next, select a location to begin to start finding data. For ease of use, the program will read the partition table and provide you with a list of all the deleted partition information.

The second step begins with a quick initial scan. This scan will take minutes to complete. It recovers all the files that you deleted and cleaned from the recycle bin on your PC. After this first scan, a second deeper scan will begin. This scan will sort through individual sectors to search for lost files and is so thorough that it will take a few hours to complete. If unnecessary stopping the process before completion is not recommended.

A final third step allows you to preview and select which files to recover and where to recover them too. You have the option to export the results, as well as import to perform yet another recovery without rescanning. Do not save the files to the drive or device from which the data was lost. This is a precaution in the event that the drive is damaged or compromised.

Through the EaseUS website you can easily follow their step by step guide and review their recovery guide and tips for deleted files recovery, formatted partition recovery, recovering data from RAW drive, memory card recovery, photo recovery, and NTSF/FAT partition recovery. There is even a list of devices that are supported that you can use to verify, these range from mobile devices, music and video players, iPods, Pen and Zip drives, and much more. You do have to have system and hardware requirements in order to run the program. Such as your operating system must be Windows 2003 or newer, a RAM of at least 128MB, disk space minimum of 32MB, CPU at least with x86, and a file system of FAT12/16/32, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2/3, HFS+. Don’t let the computer jargon turn you off though, this software’s user friendliness requires no previous experience in data recovery or even extensive knowledge of computer ins and outs, Simply install the program and it will guide you through each step in the process.

Whether you are in need of a full hard drive recovery or a recovery of a USB drive, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free edition will perform a thorough scan of your device and provide you with a list of all recoverable files. The service gives you peace of mind that not all is lost when accidentally deleting files or in the event of a computer malfunction in the middle of working on a long term project. For a free data recovery software, many users were pleasantly surprised with the ease of use and recovery capabilities, and so can you.


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5 top smart home devices in 2017 Thu, 10 Aug 2017 16:46:21 +0000 5 top smart home devices in 2017

Smart homes are not in the future. They are here already and are revolutionizing the way we live, work, eat and sleep, one simple step at a time. What might look simple comes backed up by big names and big technology.

Here’s our pick for the five top smart home devices this year.

  1. June Intelligent Oven – The home is where the heart is. This oven makes sure that cooking is no longer daunting or long-drawn. It comes with a built-in camera that sees what you’re planning to feed the family and gives you suggestions on how best to do it. The camera, along with sensors for temperature and time, let you see what’s cooking from your tablet, watch and phone, using the June app. You’ll get a notification on the phone when the meal is just about to get done, in time to gather the family. The June works three times faster to heat up food, thanks to its carbon fiber heating elements. It comes with an inbuilt scale and is safe to touch even during the cooking process. With each meal it makes, it updates itself offering you better suggestions the next time.
  2. Canary All-In-One Home Security Device – There are some great security options out there. The Arlo Pro and the August Smart Lock, the Netatmo Welcome and the Nest Cam. The Canary still wins for its competitive pricing and many features. This camera is more than just that. It sends video alerts to your phone, has a siren that’s loud at 90+ decibel, it clicks on when it detects motion, it also sends automatic messages to local authorities when required. It can arm and disarm as is needed. Apart from all this, it can be streamed in real time, has night vision and will even monitor the air, humidity, and temperature in your house.
  3. LIFX+Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb – This is no ordinary bulb; it comes with built in Wi-Fi, lasts for over two decades and can be controlled through Amazon’s Alexa and paired with Samsung Smart Things, and Nest. The bulb is bright (equal to a 75-watt bulb) and you can choose from among 16 million colors. Replace your regular bulb with it and you’re good to go.
  4. Eufy Robovac 11 – Cleaning is part of daily life and it can be a chore with pets. With Robovac 11, that’s no longer the case. Priced sensibly, the vacuum has a filter built for allergens, pet hair and danders, high suction power, sensors to bypass obstacle and prevent falling, 3 point cleaning system and over an hour of power.
  5. TP-Link Smart Plus Mini – Getting a smart home is as easy as plug and play, thanks to this device. Its free app, Kasa, lets you control devices that are connected to the TP-Link, even if the devices don’t qualify as ‘smart devices.’ Plug the Mini into the wall and switch it on. You can use the app to control this device and if you want to use voice controls, just link it to Google Assistant or Alexa. This device opens up a world of possibilities for the average home owner or renter.

There are so many smart home devices out there- check them all out and then decide what your home needs.


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Which Amazon Device is Right For You? Sat, 01 Jul 2017 02:39:21 +0000 Which Amazon Device is Right For You?

Amazon has quickly come into the smart home hubs market with their different branded devices. These devices have the capability to control home appliances, music, and day-to-day functions. With the use of Alexa, Amazon’s smart, virtual voice assistant, other smart hubs such as Google Home and Apple HomeKit are getting a run for their money.

But how do Amazon’s devices differentiate from each other? Here’s how:

  1. Echo

One of the most sought after automation devices, the Echo is perhaps the most popular in Amazon’s lineup. Like all of Amazon’s devices, it uses Alexa to perform hands-free voice commands, such as: control smart home devices (for the control of lights and appliances), play music (from Pandora, Spotify and iHeart Radio), give newscasts, give sports updates, order food for delivery, make voice calls and more. What makes this device even greater is it’s speaker system; which delivers 360º omnidirectional audio.

  1. Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is the smaller, more compact version of the Echo. Its speaker is much smaller, producing 360º omnidirectional audio that’s not as loud and crisp. Another difference is its need to connect to a pre-existing audio system via Bluetooth or its 3.5mm jack. However, like the Echo, the Echo Dot still performs many of the same functions, such as control of smart devices (home automation hub), answer questions, give news and sports updates, play music and audible books, etc. This device is the cheapest of Amazon’s branded line of smart devices.

  1. Tap

The Amazon Tap is an Alexa-enabled, portable Bluetooth speaker with Dolby processing that’s great for playing music anywhere you go. It provides 9 hours of continuous playback (when connected) and 8 hours in hands-free mode.  When connected to an Internet connection such as Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot, it can use Alexa to perform the same voice commands and many of the features found in the Echo and Echo Dot. The main difference here is that it is portable.

  1. Echo Show

The Echo Show is one of Amazon’s newer devices. It goes a step further to not only delivers smart hands-free voice functions, but it also provides video assistance to show you things. Watch videos on YouTube, watch the news, do video calls, see music lyrics, watch video surveillance etc. With eight speakers with Dolby processing, all audio is crystal clear.

  1. Echo Look

The Echo Look is Amazon’s latest smart device. It has the same video capabilities of the Echo Show but includes many additional video components such as a built-in camera, that records short videos and takes full-length pictures. With the camera, there’s a “lookbook” function that lets you explore different styles. The “Style Check function” lets you see what looks best on you. Beyond the camera, it too uses Alexa to do the same commands and playback as the previously mentioned devices. In addition to those, it can work with Fitbit (to see your stats), Starbucks (to make online orders), Google Outlook (to manage your calendar) and more.

As you can see, these different Amazon devices offer a variety of features, such as home automation, great audio, and video. Also know that these devices are also compatible with smart devices such as Nest, WeMo, Samsung SmartThings, Hue and different home security systems. Which one is right for you? You decide.


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How to Buy a Refurbished Laptop Tue, 04 Apr 2017 22:26:15 +0000 How to Buy a Refurbished Laptop

There are many things you must consider if you are planning to buy a refurbished laptop. When you see the listing of a refurbished laptop, you will immediately notice how they are a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than the new version. For instance, if a laptop is selling for $900 on a website, you can probably find the refurbished version for between $700 to $800, depending on the condition of the product. While it is always useful to save a couple of hundred dollars, you must consider whether you are getting appropriate value out of a refurbished laptop.

When buying these products, it is important to go with the best ones on the market. For instance, Tier 1 Online refurbished laptops are a good deal, as they are in excellent condition and still cheaper than the new version of the computer. However, laptops with a significant amount of wear and tear are not ideal, as you can never know how long they are going to last. Even if it is working fine now, there is no guarantee it will continue to perform appropriately in the coming weeks and months.


When you are getting a refurbished laptop, make sure you have gotten a warranty on the product. Most sellers will offer a six-month or one-year warranty on the product you are buying, even if it is refurbished. These warranties are practical, and they also provide you with peace of mind. You can spend your money on a refurbished laptop with a warranty because you know you are getting your money’s worth. If something does go wrong, you will send it back to the place where you bought it, and they will get it repaired for you.

Product Condition

Refurbished does not mean dirty or worn out. It means the product was returned by someone else, either because of a defect or because they no longer wanted it, and it is being resold. Refurbished laptops are different from used ones because they are checked out and optimized by the company before they are put up for sale. So, when you see your refurbished laptop, make sure there are no obvious damage points on the computer. In addition, run your computer thoroughly during the first few days to ensure everything works, because you do not want to discover a flaw many months later!


When you are spending a few hundred dollars on a computer, you want to get your money’s worth. Make sure you assess the specs of the unit and compare it to some new units that are on the market for a similar price. Given the progression of technology, you may find that there is a newer computer that has equal or better specs and is at a similar price point. So, make sure the computer you are buying is still competitively priced.

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How to setup a VPN in less than 60 seconds for only $5 a month Wed, 29 Mar 2017 03:45:42 +0000 How to setup a VPN in less than 60 seconds for only $5 a month

The House today voted to repeal FCC Broadband privacy rules. This means that ISPs will soon be able to sell your private internet history with only the President’s signature needed to make it official.

A VPN protects your internet browsing privacy by directly connecting you to an endpoint. Your ISP sees you are connected to that endpoint but they are unable to see any of the traffic going between your computer and that endpoint.

Therefore they have no information on you to sell, just the fact that you use a VPN.

Businesses have used VPNs for decades to protect themselves and their employees working remotely on their company’s network.

Now that power is your hands.

In this simple how-to we will show you how to setup a privately owned VPN server in under a minute for no more than $5 a month. This is better than a VPN provider as you are in total control.

We prefer Vultr hosting as it is inexpensive and they have a 1-click OpenVPN setup installer that takes seconds to deploy.

First let’s get setup with Vultr

  1. Follow this link to Vultr
  2. Create a new account
  3. Deploy a new server (Follow images below)

Select a location nearby

Click Application and select OpenVPN


Select a server size (We recommend $5/month as it gives you 1TB of bandwidth)

Finish by clicking the “Deploy Now” button

Now Then. You are almost done.

Click on the … for your new server

Click Server Details

Visit the URL displayed (Obviously this server has been destroyed and the credentials below will not be available)

Bypass the SSL warning

Download and install OpenVPN 

Windows – Download the .msi installer. or MAC – Download the .dmg installer

Now simply login with your credentials provided by Vultr on the application information page

CONGRATULATIONS – You are now free to roam the internet privately on your own privately hosted VPN server that you fully control.

Simply disconnect when you are done. That’s all there is to it and it was painless and only $5 a month to protect your internet privacy.



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