Where to Find the Best QA Testing Team?

Where to Find the Best QA Testing Team?

Quality assurance (QA) testing is an essential stage in any software product development cycle. But where and how to find a QA testing team that will provide top-notch assessment quality and help you deliver the perfect product? Below is a detailed guide on that matter.

What Makes a Good QA Testing Team?

Looking for competent software testing solutions on the market, you should get ready to interview candidates properly. Here are the questions you should always ask both solo testers and QA testing teams:

  1. “How do you figure out how much testing a product needs?” 

This question is aimed at evaluating how well your candidates understand testing principles. They have to tell you about the process clearly and explain why it is built like that. They also have to be able to outline their testing methodology for each stage of product development.

  1. “How do you outline exit criteria for a testing cycle?

Asking this question, you want to see how well your candidates know what exit criteria can be used on different stages of product development. You can also ask what user success rate do candidates offer.

  1. “What are your verification techniques?

After hearing this question, candidates have to show that they clearly understand the difference between validation and verification, as well as to talk about both processes in commercial terms. A strong candidate will also talk about inspection, review, and walkthrough techniques. 

  1. “Which tools do you use and why?

Here you can either discuss the particular QA testing you want to be used or ask the candidates what tools they have to offer and what are the specific benefits. 

  1. “What is your role in dealing with problems in software production?

Answering this question, a good candidate should show commitment to finding the best solution and show the willingness to learn from mistakes. 

Where to Look For Candidates?

Getting straight to the point, there are several ways to find good teams for testing your IT products. Here’s a full list:

  • Visit local meet-ups and QA events – visiting meet-ups and events is a true way to meet talented testers who are passionate enough to deliver great quality of work. You can look for such events on Meetup.com to get notified of the soonest and nearest meet-ups around you. A good decision is to speak up on events to demonstrate your vision to the public and mention that you are hiring. 
  • Hire a recruiting agency – a good recruiting agency has a clear view of the market and a strong network to find and interview potential candidates. This method makes most sense if your startup lacks recruiting resources. 
  • Use online job boards – posting job descriptions online is a must-do action these days as it’s a good chance to find a high-quality remote team and negotiate the best price. The more platforms you use to post your job description, the better. 
  • Contact universities – if you contact universities with computer science programs, you can find a lot of candidates that are eager to work with you for experience and early career opportunities. 
  • Use social media – the best social media for posting your job opportunity are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also use these platforms to search for professionals. 
  • Headhunt – this method involves researching personal blogs and GitHub profiles of testers and researching other forms of community activities they participate in. 

Good Luck!

Finding a good QA testing team is a real challenge for your organization, but it will always pay off with better product quality. This being said, you should not save up on resources when it comes to testing as it will help you reveal and fix crucial issues that will affect how users see the final product.