Typography Designs to Stand Out

It would be a total mistake for your brand to underestimate the power and potential of typography graphics. Paying less attention than necessary to your text design is a big mistake. Don’t forget that the majority of information people perceive is visually performed, so this medium of communication has to be designed perfectly. From this perspective, Art Text for Mac is your companion that comes for help when you need to create text-based graphics.

If you want a simple text to be attractive to readers, then Art Text effects and tools will come in handy. Just check them out!

Intuitive Learning Curve

One of the best things about this program is its interface. When it comes to graphic design software, the very first software that comes to mind is Adobe apps. However, their huge potential requires effort and time. You have to spend lots of time to acquire necessary skills and get the full use of the design functionality offered.

On the contrary, Art Text differentiates with its smooth and quick learning, which won’t cause significant difficulties even for non-techno-savvy users. It has even more comprehensive features to be proud of since this app is specially designed for typography graphics and text effects. It follows all the latest and popular design trends, making it the number one choice for both beginners and experienced graphic designers.

Regular Updates Around the Corner

Art Text developers don’t limit themselves with the achieved results — they are eager to become more professional in what they are doing. For instance, version 4 of the app received Dark/Light UI themes, unique Spray Fill feature to fill text with fruit, leaf and other objects. 

Recently developers rolled out a free update for all version 4 users that aimed at logo design. The update features new drawing tools for creating shapes and editing supplied shapes.

Now Art Text can be used for logo design projects, since you can apply effects and tools the app offers to text and shapes. Version 4.1 also extends the supplied shapes collection, now it consists of 1100 shapes, icons, and badges. Beginners will find new Logo Badges templates set useful for logo inspirations and quickly create a logo they need.

Get Inspired

Art Text welcomes users with the template gallery of various text effects that have been created with the software tools. 400+ design templates are not only a wonderful source of inspiration and motivation, but they will let you track how different text effects were created and help users create similar effects. Getting access to all the design tools is a one-time payment, but you will have to invest slightly more to get some of the text design templates.

Wrap It Up

If you are looking for an affordable, powerful, and easy way to master your skills in lettering and typography, then Art Text is a perfect choice. It is not as famous as Adobe Photoshop, but it’s equally professional in the field of text design. Get an Art Text trial on the developer’s website and try it for yourself.

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