How to Make a Weekly Schedule on Mac

How to Make a Weekly Schedule on Mac

Numerous products that were previously associated with one and the same function would hardly ever survive without updating and upgrading. This relates to calendars. They are far from simple tools to track chronology and different periods of time — these layouts have turned out to be transformed into appealing assistants for planning and scheduling.

Of course, the variety of calendar purposes can go further — the main thing is just to switch on your creative mood and prepare a great project for personal and professional needs. Thanks to desktop programs like Swift Publisher, it won’t take you a lot of time and effort to prepare something eye-catching and magnificent. All you need to do is to bear in mind its basic design steps.

Choose the Right Layout

In this case, your premium task is to keep focused on what is important. So the chosen sample is to have enough space for leaving notes but not be overwhelmed with details. To avoid a mess, it is recommended to create a simple design and prepare your own codes to describe particular events. For instance, instead of writing in full that you are going to have an evening gathering, why not choose a unique icon for it?

Swift Publisher offers a myriad of templates to select from — this calendar creator for Mac possesses more than 500 full-fledged, customizable, and adjustable projects for any purpose. For those customers who would like to track their important dates and work schedule, it is a good idea to prepare a photo collage and use it as the main calendar scene. Besides, such creations will become perfect gifts for thematic marketing campaigns or for your relatives/friends/colleagues during parties or on holidays.

Choose the Right Size

Are you going to prepare a digital version of a calendar? Or it would be nice to print it out and place it on the wall or anywhere else in your working area? Knowing this will help you define the most accurate dimensions of your projects. Although a common calendar maker for Mac allows preparing customized papers, there are some standards for publishing to be aware of:

  • Card calendars — if you need something small to take with you and put in your pocketbook, then 2”x3.5” will serve your intentions perfectly. They are also a wonderful option for marketing campaigns’ gifts.
  • Magnetic calendars — who says weekly planners and calendars have to be made of paper only? So-called dry erase magnetic calendars are perfect samples here. Although their creation is rather costly, their durability and efficiency are second to none.
  • Poster formats — 8.5”x11” compete with more significant 27”x29”. A lot depends on your objectives.
  • Wall samples — hanging it on the wall doesn’t make you pick up the biggest size ever. Don’t forget to include the actual distance of the viewer to the target object to define which dimensions won’t decrease its visual quality. 12”x12” inches and 5.5”x8.5” are quite popular.

Choose Your Schedule Elements

You can decorate your weekly planner Mac version with icons, brand-oriented elements, photos of nature, favorite movie characters, and more. However, don’t forget to think about the calendar’s functionality:

  • Title — days of the weeks should be noticeable. You are welcome to apply abbreviations and acronyms. The main thing is to select fonts with great readability.
  • Day and time — without a doubt, these are obligatory project parts.
  • Objectives — if there are routine tasks you have to perform on a daily basis, why not include them in the layout and mark them as “done” when they are ready?
  • Item details — it is a good idea to leave enough room for special notes and instructions since schedule elements can change unexpectedly. This will help you keep everything in order.

Wrap It Up

Designing a weekly calendar isn’t that complicated as it may seem. With the help of a professional schedule maker for Mac programs like Swift Publisher, every challenge is completed. A great number of tools are easy to master, and the learning curve is far from a disaster. Just check it out with a free trial!