Augmented Reality Technology in Home Design

Augmented reality (AR) is a modern technology trend combining computer-generated input with a real-world environment. Without a doubt, AR is implemented widely in interior design and is considered a highly sought-after trend for beginners, amateurs, and professionals. The key secret of its success lies in the simple fact that designers don’t have to figure out how AR technology works — with the help of advanced tools that support it, a house model can be easily viewed in AR minutes after the interior design is ready.

From this perspective, Live Home 3D is a perfect app to try using this innovative technology. You will definitely appreciate its value for 3D projects, but not only. Stay tuned to check out which benefits it gives you.

Preparation Stage

Of course, it would be impossible to test how efficient the AR feature is without creating a home design project. In Live Home 3D, it is possible to pick up a template out of a rich collection of built-in and adjustable samples. Whether you are interested in planning a new house or preparing for renovation tasks, the program will offer a collection of ready house and apartment projects to simplify the challenge.

It is a simple task to share the results of your persistence and creativity between the platforms — Live Home 3D is compatible with Windows, Mac, and iOS / iPadOS operating systems. Besides, the program allows transforming the created layouts (as a whole or just some parts of it) in 3D and viewing them in 2D mode anytime you need. This is especially helpful when it comes to choosing furniture, light sources, and other elements of interior and exterior design.

Augmented Reality by Live Home 3D

When the design is ready, it’s time to view it in AR! Apart from actually viewing how the objects within your house or yard look, the app offers a unique chance to literally walk through the virtual model of your home or apartment, or garden. The scale of the latter may vary from a life-size house to a tiny model (scaling 1:25 and 1:50 will come in handy here).

Just imagine how vivid the design will be if compared to the flat view on paper or on your screen. Thus, you can also evaluate the natural light the rooms will get at different daytime, and see real views from the windows of your future home.

Fields of Appliance

The AR feature will be helpful for people who are interested in creating the best home interior design, but not only. It also perfectly fits the educational and real-estate fields. This is a unique way to get the best experience with showing furniture items and house models to clients.

Another obvious advantage of harnessing the potential of this technology is getting a higher competitive power in the chosen niche or even the entire market, where even a small lead over opponents means a lot.

Better visualization is why modern designers appreciate using augmented reality in interior designs. Live Home 3D is a unique platform where all of its pros are united under the roof of the same intuitive and accessible interface, which will work for non-tech-savvy users as well. You can try it even in the free version, for more details: 

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