Touchless Technology: the future for coffee machines?

Touchless Technology: the future for coffee machines?

How often do you order a coffee or something at a takeaway outlet, only to be concerned about the cleanliness of the touch screen? Whilst this has always been somewhat of a problem for things such as coffee vending machines, now, in our Covid-19 lives, touchscreens can seem like a much bigger issue. 

Want to make sure that you can still order coffee from your office coffee machine and yet keep yourself safe? The chances are that you do, which means that vending solutions need to think about ways that you can still offer the quick and easy process of buying a coffee through a vending machine whilst keeping everyone safe. 

Introducing touchless technology

With this problem in mind, it was decided that something had to change, which is where the idea of touchless technology came about. 

Working much the same as the standard touch screens that we have become used to, touchless technology takes away the need to have direct contact with the screen in front of you. 

It works based on Air Touch Distance Selection. This means that you never have to press down on the screen; instead, you just need to place your finger and hover above the item you want to select. This can be at as much of a distance as 2cm. 

You never have to press down; you don’t have to touch the screen’s glass in any way, shape or form; you just need to be in the right place on the screen. 

How will it change things?

So, whilst this technology may sound great, what changes will it actually make? One of the critical things to keep in mind is that this no-touch touchscreen takes away some of the concern that people have about touching a surface that someone else has touched.

With us all hyper-aware of our hygiene, handwashing routines and how we can catch not only Covid-19 but any other viruses that can be transferred by touch. One of the most significant ways these screens can help is because they worry about having actual contact with the screen.

This means that customers who may have potentially been put off using the touch screen ordering system who would have been a lost sale. Can feel ready to take the plunge.

Not only this, but it also helps you with your everyday running too. When you don’t have as many people touching the screen, there is no need to clean the screen between every single use. Of course, you are still going to need to make sure that you meet the criteria set out to stay open during the Covid-19 pandemic. But, it may make it much easier for you to manage the cleaning and running of your touchscreen machines. 

The future may seem like it is contactless, but what if we could tell you that you could order your next coffee, not just contactless, but touchless too? Protect yourself, protect your business and protect those around you, all with the suitable investment for your future and for the right now too!