6 Gadgets that will Improve Your Team’s Performance

6 Gadgets that will Improve Your Team’s Performance

If you run a company, then you will always be looking for new and interesting ways to boost your team’s productivity and performance. It isn’t wise to buy every new gadget that comes onto the business scene as this could damage your finances, but sometimes there’s tech that is worthy of the investment. By cherry-picking the best gadgets, you can create a smooth-running workplace with high performance. Here are six gadgets that can help you do just that:

1. Portable Printers

Speak to anyone who has worked in an office and they will have a story about a fight they once had with a printer. Large, bulky printers can be useful, but a lot of the time they take up space, overload, and create a queue of workers. This can massively affect workplace productivity. By investing in portable printers for your team, each employee can print what they need right in front of them, cutting down on both stress and time.

2. Smartwatches

Smartwatches are a perfect addition for business teams that are often on the go, like sales. They make sure you are always connected, allowing streamlined communication. By having this intelligent little gadget around your wrist, you will be able to manage your daily tasks easier, too, as you can store notes and it sends you alerts.

3. Up-To-Date Computers

No one likes to walk into their new workplace to find that the computers are old, slow, and in desperate need of an update. It might be a costly investment, but it’s one that is worth it. You don’t want to risk your employees’ cybersecurity by avoiding updating their computers, after all. You shouldn’t forget about software for security too – Proofpoint offers CASB for securing your online applications. Cyber protection is crucial!

4. Wi-Fi Extenders

The chances are you have invested in high-speed Wi-Fi, but if you work in a large space, there might be some corners where the internet connection slows down. Slow Wi-Fi can be infuriating for those trying to work and will massively reduce productivity, especially if their job involves being online a lot. Investing in a Wi-Fi extender means your internet will reach the farthest corners of your workspace.

5. Pocket Projectors

If your team is a busy one (and that’s a good sign!), then you’ll find you don’t always have time to usher everyone into a conference room for a daily meeting. When you have something to share with your team, pocket projectors allow you to do this anywhere instantly. Found a neat video on your phone that you think is worth sharing? Use your pocket projector to show your team instantly.

6. Wireless Charging

You probably know how many wires are present in an office. If there was a way to cut down on that, wouldn’t you choose to do so? By providing your team with wireless charging stands, their day-to-day activities won’t be as disrupted. You could even set up charging stations around the workplace!