Top 6 AI Gadgets That You Should Have

Top 6 AI Gadgets That You Should Have

If you are a gizmo freak like me, you should consider buying these top 6 AI gadgets. These AI devices are cool and make your life more comfortable. These innovative gadgets have some unique features and functions that help you to do your work more effectively. Continue to read this article to know the top 6 AI gadgets that you should have.

  • Amazfit T-Rex and Bip S: 

 This year, tech giant Huami launched an outdoor smartwatch called Amazfit T-Rem. This smartwatch has a built-in AI health monitor, which is accurate than any other smartwatch available in the market. Amazfit T-Rex has 12 military-grade certificates and has a new robust design that is resistant to harsh environments. 

The new elegant circuit design and advanced low-power consumption chip help this smartwatch to work more time. There are two variants of this smartwatch; one is Amazfit T-Rex and Amazfit Bip S. 

  • Amazfit Powerbuds and Zenbuds: 

Huami comes back with amazing Powerbuds and Zenbuds with new Artificial intelligent technology. It has a strong heart rate indicator that shows heart rate, time, and exercise data warning. It works with android and iOS apps to easily see the data through the mobile app. It also broadcast real-time notifications. 

Amazfit Zenbuds is a smart noise-blocking earbud that cancels out all outdoor noises and provides you the best sound sleep. It helps you to create the right environment for your sleep by using intelligent interference.

  • Gait Enhancing and Motivating System (GEMS): 

 This Samsung’s new AR glasses are the best that you get at this price. It helps you to correct your body posture and assist you in walking and exercising. These wearable GMES are beautifully designed and works like your personal trainer. It is one of the best motivational trainers that you should have while training o exercising. 

  • Invisible Keyboard: 

If you love to buy the new fantastic tool, the probability is one tops the list. Samsung has newly introduced a virtual laptop-like keyboard called a Selfietype for mobiles, laptops, and tablets. 

This keyboard has two unique things; first, it has a virtual keyboard and a selfie camera. SelfieTypes has an AI engine that helps you type faster than any other keyboard, track your finger movements from the front camera, and convert that movements into QWERTY keyboard inputs. 

  • LuluPet: 

LuluPet is an AI-powered smart kitty litter box developed by the whackiest thing. This elegant kitty litter box has built-in urine and stool image analyzer that help analyze and monitor the cat’s health. 

It also detects the weight change and unusual changes in your cat’s activity and health. If it is sensing anything, it will directly send a notification on the owner’s mobile. 

  • Nreal Mixed Reality Smart Glasses:

Nebula has announced a Nreal Mixed Reality Smart Glasses this year. It has a 3D software system. Users can transform any image or environment into a user interface, and they can see a 3D real space in these glasses. It works on the android based 3D operating system. 

Conclusion:  These are the top 6 AI gadgets that you should have. It’s time for you to make your life more comfortable and rest on the sofa while drinking e cig. Comment below if you have any questions.