Gadgets in 2020 and What We’ll See in 2021

Gadgets in 2020 and What We'll See in 2021

In a world where it seems like technology is all around us, there are so many cool gadgets that have entered our daily lives. From things like the Apple watch to streaming television, we are always taking advantage of these gadgets to make our lives more comfortable. So here are some of the coolest gadgets that came out in 2020 and more to look forward to in 2021.

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses With Open Ear Headphones

Perhaps one of the coolest gadgets that came out in 2020 is one that combines two purposes, eye protection for the sun and earbuds to listen to your favorite music. The Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses come out to about $170 and features an angular shape with commanding lenses. The device used open ear audio that enables the user to still be aware of surroundings and can stream for up to 3.5 hours.

FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool and Code Reader

One of the biggest hassles of being a car owner is when a light goes on in your dashboard, and you have no idea what it means. You would have to go to your local mechanic and pay a diagnostic fee to determine the issue. However, there is now a nifty device called the FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool and Code Reader that can sync with your smartphone through an app that can instantly tell you what the issue with your car is. The device that sells for $60, will pay for itself after two issues and can save a lot of hassle for both you and your mechanic.


Even today’s most powerful laptops will decline in performance within a few years and you would be lucky if they can last five years. You will be lucky to do even basic tasks such as check email or research your FB stock on a site like Marketbeat. One way to squeeze some more life out of it is to purchase a gadget called Xtra-PC. This gadget, essentially, is extra hard drive space but can basically store all critical system files as well to take the pressure off your hard drive. Ultimately, what slows a computer down is a hard drive filling up and this device that sells for $49 can be a difference-maker.

Apple iPhone 12

Although 5G technology is starting to make headway in 2020, you can expect that the 5G technology will become more widely available starting in 2021. The Apple iPhone 12 that will be released in late 2020 will be one of the first devices to have 5G capabilities, and the technology will start to take full swing as the infrastructure is built up more in 2021. With the 5G technology, you will start to see better quality for streaming and live video chatting.

Agrove Smart Garden Kit

There has been a lot of talk lately about climate change and what efforts need to be made by large scale corporations and government in terms of renewable energy and better food products. But that does not mean you cannot contribute on an individual scale. One startup that is already pre-ordering for its 2021 release is Agrove’s Smart Garden Kit. Agrove promotes environmental sustainability by selling personal size gardening kits that enable you to grow and consume your own local food source. Even if you do not have a backyard for gardening, you can set something up within your household to grow food and put less pressure on large scale production.

Edge Computing

In a computing world that has migrated from hard drive to cloud-based infrastructure, the technology market is now swarming with devices that support this new type of infrastructure. One of these new concepts is called edge computing, and many of the most popular semiconductor companies out there have released new chips that support this new technology. Some of these examples include NVIDIA’s EGX, Google’s Edge TPU, and the AMD Embedded G-Series. Therefore, anybody who is out to build their own computer should consider investing in edge computing infrastructure to stay ahead of the technology curve.