This Is What You Need to Do About a Cracked Phone Screen

Just about everyone has experienced the horror of dropping their phone. Whether that be on their face, or on asphalt, its terrifying all the same. The worst part is picking up your phone afterward and realizing that you cracked the screen.

What do you do next? Should you get your screen fixed, or just replace your phone? Keep reading to find out the next steps to fix your cracked phone screen.

Call the Phone Manufacturer

The first thing to do after discovering that you’ve cracked your phone screen is to call the phone’s manufacturer. This is super important because the break could be covered under warranty with the company.

Give them details of the damage on your device and they will let you know if they have any options like a discounted repair or even a phone replacement with a small fee.

Back It Up

This could debatably be the most important step, but make sure you back your phone up completely. This is crucial because although you should be regularly backing up the data in your device, you can lose everything if you bust your screen and have the phone fixed.

The damage from the cracked phone screen could go deeper than it looks, so it is always better to be safe than sorry.

The way to do this is plugging your phone into your computer using a USB cord, then transferring your data over to a safe place. For iPhones, this is made easy with iCloud backups only needing a Wi-Fi connection.

Keep the Damage Manageable

If you aren’t able to get your phone checked out right away after experiencing a break, then try to keep your phone from getting an even more severe smashed screen. Taking precautionary measures is going to be your best friend if your screen is still usable.

Precautions likes using clear tape or a screen protector can keep the integrity of your shattered phone screen intact until you can get it looked at. Those will protect your fingers from getting cut by glass and keep the broken pieces all together temporarily.

Dropping your phone is the leading cause of damage in handheld devices, so taking every step to prevent that will help you in the long run.

Seek Out the Professionals

If your phone is no longer under warranty and you are able, look in your area for a phone repair shop like U-Tech Electronics. They are able to fix your phone quickly and they have affordable prices as well.

This option is more reliable than trying to fix the problem yourself and is significantly more appealing than buying a new phone.

What to Do About a Cracked Phone Screen

The last option is to just buy a new replacement phone. This is what breaks the wallets of people all over the world, and is the most unrealistic option when it comes to most peoples’ finances.

Having a cracked phone screen can be incredibly frustrating, but knowing your options can make the process a whole lot less stressful.

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