The Best Time to Buy Tools: A Breakdown

The Best Time to Buy Tools: A Breakdown

Whether you own your own shop or are an avid hobbyist or are a weekend warrior, knowing the best time of the year to buy your new tools is essential.

The average cost for tools in year one of training for a mechanic can run upwards to $5,000 depending on where you train. Like it or not, having a tool budget is an important aspect of a mechanic’s job.

In this handy guide, we breakdown the best time to buy tools that you need to get the job right.

The Best Time to Buy Tools

If you’re looking for new power tools, or to replace old ones, the best time to buy tools tends to fall around Father’s Day weekend and Black Friday Deals. This would put the best time to buy tools in the months of June and November if you’re shopping in-store. If you’re looking online, consider Cyber Monday deals.

When thinking about online shopping, you may want to look for Amazon deal days, and the infamous Amazon Prime Day, which usually falls in July for Christmas in July.

If you’re looking for earlier in the year, you can pick up some deals in April. Our research concluded that often there will be several deals throughout the month of April at hardware stores.

The Short Answer: June and November with April and July as runners up.

How to Get Better Deals Outside of Cheaper Months

When it comes to buying tools for your job, you never want to go cheap. Additionally, it’s important to find a dealer that you like and stick with them.

Stick With One Brand

As a professional, it just makes sense to build a relationship with a tool brand rather than using multiple tool manufacturers. You may find that manufacturers offer great deals at off-peak times, so it’s important to look out for deals on the manufacturer site.

Look for Deals on Combo Kits

Another thing to consider is that when you buy one dealer’s products, you can often save money by purchasing a combo kit. While you may not need all of the tools in the kit, you will at one point, and saving money on tools now rather than paying more later keeps money in your pocket.

Specialty Tools

Sometimes you may be on the hunt for a tool that is only designed for special jobs. We’re talking about things like woodworking tools, or the like. According to our research, a good time to purchase woodworking deals is in February and March.

Best Time to Buy? How About Now!

Hey, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t offer at least one tool that you can find on the cheap that is a good quality to get the job done right.  If you’re on the lookout for a drill bit for steel bolts, it’s you’re lucky day. Follow the link to a great deal!

It Pays to Find the Right Deals

Now you know the best time to buy tools. Tools are essential for your business. Don’t waste money on something you can get for 60% off at the right time of year. You need them to make a livelihood.

If you’re a weekend warrior, you don’t want to spend all your time at the store when you should be building. Save time by finding the right deals.

If you’re looking for more ways to save money on tools, gizmos, and everything in between, check out our blog for the latest and greatest.