How Does Solar Energy Work? A Beginner’s Guide

How Does Solar Energy Work? A Beginner's Guide

More than 2 million solar panel installations were made in the United States in 2019.

Solar power is becoming a preferred choice of energy because of its eco-friendliness and money-saving benefits.

But how does solar energy work, and can it benefit you? Continue reading to discover how solar panels work so that you can determine if they are the right fit for your home!

1. Sunshine

The very first step in solar energy is to install your panels and put them in a spot that is in constant contact with the sun. Shaded areas, surrounded by buildings and trees can make it difficult to get energy. Most people recommend installing them on a building rooftop so that it is free of obstruction.

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Once the panels are working properly, they will begin turning the sunlight into direct current (DC). A direct current is a form of energy that flows in one direction.

2. Energy Transfer

The next step in turning sunlight into energy is transferring the direct current to an alternating current.

Most home appliances and power come from an alternating current (AC). A solar inverter is installed with your panels. This is what helps convert the DC into AC.

Alternating current is found in power lines that you can see lining the streets. This is where all of the magic happens!

3. Distribution of Power

So far, we’ve covered that sunlight that came through your panels was originally direct current that turned into alternating current at the power lines. The power lines help distribute power to each home in your neighborhood and all of the others that surround it.

Now, it’s time to distribute that power! As long as installation goes well, you should be able to turn on your lights, charge your phone, and more with nothing more than a panel and sunshine.

4. Share the Wealth

Depending on where you are located, your solar panels may absorb more energy than you need for your home.

When there is excess energy, it goes to the energy grid that you are a part of. This helps light up streets and reduces the need for more harmful means of energy. Some people sign contracts or work with their communities to supply extra energy, especially if homeowners have the land to do so.

How Does Solar Energy Work for You?

Solar power is a strong energy that is produced by the heat and light, given off by the sun.

You may be wondering, “How does solar energy work?” With this guide, you can understand the most basic concepts and prepare yourself for installation.

As your panels absorb direct current from the sun into your panels, the energy then converts to a more useable form that powers our homes and businesses. The best part about using solar energy is that it leaves a smaller carbon footprint on the earth and can save you money.

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