5 Apps Every New Business Owner Should Have

5 Apps Every New Business Owner Should Have

Setting off to accomplish your entrepreneurial dreams can start to take a toll on you and your business if you don’t stay organized. Being a business owner means that you’re going to have your hands in many different things throughout your day. 

In the beginning, you’re taking on many different roles until you can grow your business and payroll. Don’t let this stress you out, it’s a part of the process.

No matter where you are in your business venture, some apps make life easier––work smarter, not harder, right? Let’s check out five apps that will allow you to work more efficiently and effectively. 


No matter what line of work you’re in, it’s imperative that you have a professional appearance both in person and virtually. G-Suite is excellent for this because it allows you to set up professional emails that include your employees’ business name. 

Although this isn’t a “free” app, it’s very reasonable and starts as low as $6.00 a month (basic plan) and up to $25.00 for larger companies with higher volume needs (business and enterprise plans). If you’re still on the fence about it, they offer a free two-week trial to test out the platform.

Some of their features include: 

  • Google Meet video conferencing
  • Personalized emails for all your employees
  • Access to Google docs, sheets, slides, forms, etc. 
  • Unlimited storage with Business and Enterprise plans


This app is great for small businesses for so many reasons but most notably for its versatility. As a small business owner, your needs are continually changing and Square handles those changes gracefully. You can use the Square card reader to take payments on the go or take an iPad and set up a POS system if that works better for your setup. 

The manual card entry fee will run you 3.5% of the total transaction value and $0.15 for each transaction. It’s a little high, but you’re paying more so for the convenience aspect. If you decide to take contactless payments, the fees are 2.6% percent of the total transaction and $0.10 per transaction. 

The takeaway here is that Square can meet them effortlessly no matter what your small business needs are. 

Some of their features include: 

  • Accept payments on the go
  • Accepts all major credit cards
  • Process refunds right from your POS
  • Different POS options for retail locations
  • Compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Custom invoices sent to your inbox and to the customer if needed


E-commerce businesses are quite popular these days. You can start an online business and run it from the comfort of your home but that doesn’t mean you can fall short where the organization is concerned, especially when it comes to shipping out orders.

That’s where Shipstation comes into play for e-commerce business owners. 

Small business owners love Shipstation because it allows them to keep tabs on some larger orders that go out with different carriers. You also can create various shipping labels (domestic and international), manage orders, and maintain inventory. This software offers several different integrations, especially if you’re using it on the Shopify platform.

Some of their features include: 

  • Tracking
  • Return labels
  • Carrier Insurance
  • Domestic shipping 
  • International shipping
  • Estimated shipping rates
  • Multiple account capability 
  • Electronic customs submissions


Simply put, Slack is one of the best communication tools you can implement into your small business. 

If you think about it, most people are more comfortable communicating via text messaging anyways, especially with growing COVID concerns. It’s great for small businesses or even remote employees that need an open communication line since most offices have moved towards telecommunication. 

This app can also integrate with dozens of other applications, making it that much easier to handle communication, share files, links, etc. Within the Slack app, you can create channels for specific workgroups/projects, create direct messages, and so much more. 

Slack offers a free plan for smaller businesses testing the waters. Still, their standard and advanced plans are very affordable, maxing out at $12.50 a month. With lower price points like this, everyone can take advantage of this innovative method of remote communication. Many business owners have noted that productivity increased along with a stronger sense of “community” across company culture. 

Some of their features include: 

  • File storage 
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Integration with other applications
  • Access to unlimited message history 
  • Ability to create custom channels for team projects
  • Voice and video call capabilities with standard and plus plans. 

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Starting and running a business is hard, but with the right tools under your belt, you’ll have an easier time setting yourself up for success.