How to Create a Fully-Functional Laptop Phone From Your Android

How to Create a Fully-Functional Laptop Phone From Your Android

Did you know that more than 5 billion people have a mobile phone? If you are part of this statistic but are looking at ways to get more out of your cell phone you are in the right place. We are going to share how you can have a laptop phone and avoid having multiple devices.

Keep reading to learn how to convert your Android into a laptop.

Connect Your Phone to a Display

You will need an external display to connect your phone to. This will act as your monitor. Instead of doing everything on the tiny phone screen, you can have the screen size you desire with the external display that you choose.

You have options when it comes to your display screen, you can opt for a traditional computer monitor, your living room television, or a portable external screen. You can use a charging cable with an HDMI cable on the other end or use a Chromecast.

A Chromecast is one of the easiest ways to connect your Android to your screen because it is wireless and will easily mirror your phone screen to your display screen of choice. If you are familiar with Apple TV, it is the same concept.

The downside is that the latency can make videos you watch seem choppy or they can lag. The pro is that almost every Android phone is able to connect via a Chromecast.

If you prefer to not have a lag then you can opt for wired connections instead. Although they are not as convenient because you will have wires and you have to find the correct adapters you won’t have to deal with your videos or movies lagging.

Mouse and Keyboard

You wouldn’t be able to call it a laptop phone without laptop features such as a keyboard and mouse. The best thing is to use Bluetooth devices to connect to your Android. This will make it easy to pair them and use them whenever you want.

The great thing about Androids is that they will more than likely pair up with any Bluetooth accessories without a problem. Now if you prefer to have wires you can do that too.

With wires, you will have to find special adapters and a USB hub in order to be able to connect both at the same time.

Laptop Shells

Another option is to find a laptop shell that you simply hook up your Android phone and the shell has everything that a laptop has. You will have a trackpad, a monitor and a keyboard.

This is the easiest route to take and it is the quickest one where you won’t have to shop around for all of the extra accessories. You will just have to worry about keeping it charged in order to use it.

The great thing is that every time that you upgrade your phone to a faster processor you are in essence also upgrading your “laptop.” You can even use helpful things like mobile repeaters to give you an even better experience.

Another pro is that since all of your files are already on your phone, you do not have to worry about syncing or transferring pictures and videos over. You will never have to think about where your files are stored or what folders on your hard drive have what you need.

Buying a laptop shell might cost you more than buying everything individually because it is convenient. Some shells are touchscreen which gives you the feeling of still using your smartphone or a tablet. Many of them also have multiple USB ports, HDMI ports, speakers, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Before you buy a laptop shell make sure that your phone is compatible with the shell to avoid dealing with returning it if it doesn’t work for you.

Windows 10 Phone

If you have a Windows 10 mobile device you can turn it into a PC if you choose. Microsoft came out with a display called Continuum that is mirroring in essence. Your hardware is recognized with this equipment and it will choose the best display mode.

Continuum will allow you to go on a mode where you will feel like you are on an actual laptop. It is as easy as using a mouse and keyboard and choosing the mode you desire. You can also choose the tablet mode if you want to have your phone instantly become a tablet, giving you a bigger screen to work from.

Keep in mind that when you are in Tablet mode, the desktop will not be available. You will use the Start menu to navigate or you will have to switch between applications manually. Anything that was on the Taskbar will also disappear while you are in Tablet mode.

Ready to Make Your Own Laptop Phone?

Now that you know more about how to create your own laptop phone, you can start shopping for everything that you need. Once you are all set up you can enjoy having a bigger screen while you use your phone instead of having to buy a whole new laptop or desktop.

Thanks to smartphones being so advanced nowadays you can have the convenience of getting work done even when you are on the go, without having to invest in an expensive laptop on top of your cell phone charges.

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