DeVry University Answers the Call to Reskill America With Complimentary Technology Skills-Building Video Series

DeVry University Answers the Call to Reskill America With Complimentary Technology Skills-Building Video Series

Nine Self-Paced Videos Covering Python, IoT, Data Analytics, Excel and Machine Learning Provide An Accessible On-Ramp to In-Demand Subjects

With more Americans unemployed than at any time in recent history, upskilling and reskilling has become an urgent priority. Answering that call, DeVry University released a complimentary Skills-Building Video Series that dives into some of the most in-demand technology and business skills in the workforce today, including coding with Python, data analytics, IOT fundamentals and even enhancing Excel skills for business. The self-paced videos empower students and professionals to develop and enhance highly sought-after, practical work skills for today’s difficult economy. 

In addition to the job losses inflicted by the COVID-19 crisis, it has previously been estimated that 36 million jobs are at high risk from automation by 2030, with an additional 52 million jobs at medium risk. On the other hand, demand for technical skills continues to rise, with data analysis, coding, and software development topping the lists of skills requested in recent job postings.

“These are unprecedented times in the American workforce. There is an opportunity for millions of Americans to upskill and reskill to meet the gap in in-demand jobs while securing themselves durable careers,” said Natalie Waksmanski-Krynski, Ph.D., professor and faculty chair in the College of Engineering and Information Sciences at DeVry University. “Many of those careers require immersion in technologies of the future, such as Python programming, IoT, machine learning and data analytics. These fields can be daunting, but these videos afford people an accessible on-ramp to those subjects on their journey to new or expanded careers.” 

The initial set of videos in DeVry’s Skill-Building Video Library include:

  • Data Visualization in Python with Matplotlib with Natalie Waksmanski-Krynski, Ph.D.
  • Simulating An IoT Home Security System With Tinkercad with Natalie Waksmanski-Krynski, Ph.D.
  • Data Wrangling In Python Using Pandas with Natalie Waksmanski-Krynski, Ph.D.
  • Programming with Python with Gina Cooper, Ph.D.
  • Data Analytics With Power BI with Gina Cooper, Ph.D. 
  • Enhance Your Excel Skills For Business Success with Ellen Jones, Ph.D. and Professor Roxanne Wittkamp
  • How to Find Loans and Grants for your Business During COVID-19 with Wendy Finlay, DBA
  • Covid-19 Business Toolkit Series – Managing Business Financials with Sean T. Wright, EdD
  • Application of Machine Learning with Python with Genevieve Marie Isabelle Sapijaszko, Ph.D.

“We are seeing a shift in the market, particularly as America emerges from the impact of COVID-19. Students and employers are seeking educational opportunities that provide a skills- based pathway to advancing their career trajectories,” said Shantanu Bose, Ph.D., provost and chief academic officer at DeVry University. “This complimentary video series is just one of many initiatives on the horizon for DeVry University in affording America’s workforce access to the skills they need to keep pace with changes in the market and to help remain durable throughout their careers.”  Additional videos will be added to the Skills-Building Video Series in the coming weeks. The complete library can be found at