Upping the Conversion Rate in Your eCommerce Store: 8 Common Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment

Upping the Conversion Rate in Your eCommerce Store: 8 Common Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment

It is very frustrating to have done the hard work of attracting a customer to your online store only to find that they don’t go through with their purchase and click away without completing the transaction.

If you are partnering with a user-friendly payment gateway it is unlikely to be the process of making payment that is the fundamental reason for shopping cart abandonment.

Here is a look at some of the main reasons that you need to try and address if you want to improve your conversion rate.

Hidden or high shipping costs

Shipping costs are one of the top issues that dissuade purchasers, whether it is the actual cost of getting the item delivered or the fact that the fee is not disclosed upfront and only appears at the point of payment.

Think about how you present your charges and try to find a way to offer the cheapest shipping costs.

Guest checkout

You need to gather a certain amount of information about your customer but if you make it too arduous or try to force people to sign up rather than checkout as a guest, these are issues that can drive people away.

Look at ways of simplifying the checkout process to improve your conversion rate.

Give them a way back

Some buyers like to take their time browsing and it is no coincidence that a behemoth such as Amazon makes it easy for a purchaser to return and pick up where they left off by reminding them what they were looking at or left in their basket.

Accept that this behavior can cause cart abandonment and formulate a plan for enticing them back.

Help their research to improve conversion rates

On that same topic, it is clear that a number of customers like to shop around and do their research.

If you offer to email their cart details they might return once they have completed their research.


Fraud and general online security concerns will deter potential purchasers from using your site.

Aim to provide the reassurance required that your site is trustworthy with visible security protocols and customer testimonials that verify that you deliver on your promises.

Keep it simple

Many online shoppers don’t have a lot of patience and if your transaction process and checkout are too confusing or long, this will cause shopping cart abandonment.

Keep it as quick and simple as you can.

Everyone loves a deal

Discount codes, incentives, and promotions all help to seal the deal.

About one in ten might abandon their cart if you aren’t offering some form of discount or deal at the checkout.

I want it now

Customer impatience extends to not wanting to wait for what they have ordered.

If you don’t offer express shipping or even a click and collect option this could easily force a customer to see if they could get the item quicker elsewhere.

Find ways to allow customers to get their hands on the goods as quickly as possible. If you address these fundamental reasons for checkout abandonment it should help to improve your conversion rate.