Instagram Is an Untapped Tool for Marketing Exotic Cars: Here Are 5 Tips to Use It to Its Fullest Potential

Instagram Is an Untapped Tool for Marketing Exotic Cars: Here Are 5 Tips to Use It to Its Fullest Potential

Exotic cars attract attention wherever they show up, and that includes online. Instagram fans love to discover posts that add something exciting and unexpected to their lives.

That makes Instagram a powerful tool for marketing exotic cars that need to find new owners. A single post can generate so much buzz that selling even an expensive car suddenly becomes simple.

It does take a bit of skill, time, and resourcefulness to leverage Instagram effectively in this fashion. If I needed to sell my exotic car right away, other options could be more appealing. If you can afford to wait a while, you can use the following five tips to turn Instagram into an exotic car marketing tool of unparalleled power.

1. Set Up a Business Profile

Instagram strives to retain a more informal, less institutional feeling than Facebook, its parent company. Its systems are designed to keep things moving smoothly for the average user and to encourage a relatively casual, spontaneous atmosphere across the platform.

At the same time, Instagram features tools for businesses that are just as sophisticated as the ones found on Facebook. The key to unlocking these options is to set up a business-class account, instead of the type used by individuals.

This is very easy to do and should be seen as a mandatory first step for anyone who plans to use the site for commercial purposes. Opening up a business account will give you access to analytics and statistics that make marketing an exotic car a lot easier.

2. Tell Some Stories

Your exotic car has a personality and presence that people all over the world will admire. The best way to make the most of these assets on Instagram will typically be to start using the site’s “Stories” feature.

Instagram Stories go beyond the snapshots that account for most of the site’s traffic by collecting related images together. A single picture of your exotic car might draw some appreciative comments, but an Instagram Story will make a much deeper impression.

The one downside of Instagram Stories is that they are only available for 24 hours. That means you will need to be ready to devote some effort to creating fresh Stories for your car on an ongoing basis.

3. Place Some Ads

The draw of Instagram as a marketing option for many exotic car owners is that it can generate free views and interest. Just about every exotic car should have a selling price high enough, though, to justify placing some ads, as well.

Your business account will allow you to place ads on Instagram without relying on Facebook’s notoriously complex system. It will generally pay to wait a bit to start spending in order to get a feeling for how to market your car to Instagram fans most effectively.

4. Seek Out Influencers

Major brands now frequently spend millions of dollars in funding partnerships they form with influential Instagram users. You will not need to invest so much to find someone who will make sure that even more Instagram enthusiasts learn about your exotic car. While there are services that will handle the legwork, you should be able to personally identify and get in touch with Instagram stars who have an interest in automotive excellence.

5. Be an Active User Yourself

Your Instagram activity should not revolve solely around marketing your exotic car. You should use the network like a normal user who finds exotic cars fascinating and exciting. That will give you more of a feeling for what types of posts promote exotic vehicles most effectively and also help you make more connections.

Use these five tips to turn Instagram into a particularly powerful way to market your exotic car. Most owners who work through the process find it both enjoyable and rewarding.