5 Insights to the Future of Modern Boat Design Technology

5 Insights to the Future of Modern Boat Design Technology

Boating life is all about pushing the envelope forward. Many boaters know that the boat designs from even a decade ago have evolved and changed so much.

As new technology and statistics are brought forward, they are considered into the new models that each boat brand makes year-in and year-out.

The biggest change is the design. Even the newest of boaters can tell a new boat from an old one based on the design. So, what kind of new boat designs can you look forward to?

Here are the biggest boat design trends that you can expect in the following years. Use this as your guide for what to look for.

1. More Power

There will always be a call for more horsepower among the boating marketplace. It’s the same as cars in that respect. The customers will always flock to the most powerful boats that they can find.

However, many boat companies are now answering that call in the form of adding an additional engine or two to pump it up.

In the past, those that wanted the most powerful boat possible would purchase a boat that contained either 2 or 3 boat engines in it.

However, these days, boats are being made with up to 5 engines to provide an unparalleled amount of horsepower to the customers.

Don’t be surprised if that number ends up getting higher in only a year’s time. As new boat purchasers start to flock to the boats with 5 engines, more boat companies will answer the call (or try to top it).

2. Softer Decking

For many of you reading this, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of taking your boat out is hanging out with friends and family. After all, that’s what it’s all about, right?

Because of that, boating companies have placed a premium on finding new ways to accommodate those family and friend outings.

The most noticeable has to be the inclusion of softer decking for your passengers. Only a few years back, you either had the option of either soft marine carpet or fiberglass for your deck.

Nowadays, you have the option of purchasing one with soft-touch foam. This gives you access to a non-skid flooring that dries quickly and doesn’t become hot to the touch thus saving you from burning your feet.

Better yet? Your soft-touch foam flooring for the deck doesn’t stain as easily, so it will keep its high-quality aesthetic for much longer than carpet.

3. Crossover Style

It’s a fishing boat… No, it’s a luxury boat… Wrong on both accounts, it’s actually a crossover boat.

This style of boat has become extremely popular in the boating world because it caters to many different needs.

Those of you out there that use your boat for many different purposes, rather than one main purpose, will enjoy the best of both worlds with a crossover-style boat.

It provides luxury to you and your passengers while sitting on the open sea/lake, but certainly isn’t lacking in terms of power and performance either.

This can offer you a boat that’s perfect for fishing, watersports with the family, cocktail get-togethers, and the occasional pleasure cruise as well.

Better yet, a crossover boat can be easier to store when winter comes around. Their simplistic style makes it easier to keep the interior clean and is relatively easy to cover.

In fact, for those of you interested in learning more. Be sure to read this article on how to properly store a boat, with tips on the best way to do so.

4. Smart LED Lighting

Boat makers know that your preferred boating is all about the experience, baby! It’s about the opportunity to show off all the features that your boat’s design comes with.

One of the most amazing features in modern boats is the integration of smart lighting into every facet of the boat.

You can control lighting in your storage, cup holders, around your deck, under your boat awning, and even on the exterior lighting.

Gone are the days of simply turning that light on and off with a switch. Smart lighting gives you options to turn them off or on with the press of your screen or from your smartphone.

Not only that, but it allows you to choose from different colors so that you can change your lighting to set the mood.

For example, if you’re taking your loved one out for Valentine’s day, then you could turn the LED lighting to a shade of red.

5. More Shade Than Ever

As the concern for long exposure to ultraviolet rays has grown in recent years, the boating manufacturers are offering more shade on all of their models.

Most have the ability to be retractable to give you the option, but there are those that have stationary shade as well.

Even if your boat doesn’t come with the amount of shade that you want, you can always add it on. There are many different boat shading companies out there that offer options no matter the model that you purchase.

Consider These New Boat Design Trends for Your Boat

Now that you’ve seen several new boat design trends on recent models, be sure to consider them as you go about searching for your brand-new boat.

Take the time to consider which trends will benefit you and how you’re planning to use your boat, then add those features to your list of must-haves.

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