Where Is Peter Faricy and What Is He Doing Now?

Where Is Peter Faricy and What Is He Doing Now?

In these trying times, there’s one question that’s uppermost in everyone’s mind—where is Peter Faricy, and what’s he been up to?

And if you don’t know who Peter Faricy is, then you need to get with it. Obviously, he’s the CEO of digital and direct-to-consumer content at Discovery, Inc.

But that doesn’t even begin to approach the sheer magnitude of who and what Peter Faricy really is. The man is so much more than his titles…in fact, he rejects them.

Look, it’s time to stop wondering about Peter Faricy. He’s got some major projects in the works, so let’s read on and find out more.

Where Is Peter Faricy?

Inquiring minds want to know, so we’ve got the lowdown on everything Peter Faricy. With that end in mind, here’s a timeline of Peter’s recent activities…and we’re warning you, this guy is off the chain!

Peter Faricy at Amazon

Before his time at Discovery, Peter acted as Vice President of Amazon Marketplace. In this role, he masterminded the spectacular growth of third-party sellers on the Amazon platform.

Much of this growth was the result of allowing outside but affiliated, merchants to have unfettered access to Amazon’s worldwide logistics networks and fulfillment centers. It was a bold stroke on Peter’s part—but it paid off. Big time.

Peter Faricy Leaves Amazon

Alas, all good things come to an end. A few years ago, a big shakeup at Amazon Marketplace saw Peter Faricy parting ways with Amazon and lighting out for greener pastures.

Apparently, the unprecedented expansion of Marketplace left it open to exploitation by cheap scammers and fraudsters, and the company decided to change its business tactics. It was a dark chapter in Peter’s life, but he shrugged it off like he shrugs off all adversity.

That’s when Discovery, Inc. came calling.

New Discoveries at Discovery

This is where things started to get serious for Peter Faricy. It was time to up his game, and he knew it. But, with his trademark gumption, Peter Faricy rose to the challenge as never before.

Peter muscled into his latest role as CEO of digital and direct-to-consumer content at Discovery with all the subtlety of Attila the Hun. In other words, nothing would ever be the same.

Using all the experience gleaned from his time at Amazon, Peter set himself the ambitious task of making Discovery a global leader in the streaming and direct-to-consumer market.

A big part of this job involved devising quality new content. That meant, for instance, acquiring the world-class nature programs produced by the BBC.

But it also meant developing some serious sports-related content. This included products like Eurosport Player, a sports streaming app, and GolfTV, an international streaming service dedicated to…well, golf.

So What’s Peter Faricy Doing Now?

That’s not the right question.

It’s far better to ask what he’s not doing. A quick look at Peter Faricy’s compensation should give you a pretty good picture. As one of the four highest-paid execs at Discovery, he’s pulling down a cool $4.8 million.

Peter Faricy’s salary alone is almost $400,000; the rest comes from bonuses, stock options, and other goodies. Where is Peter Faricy, you ask? Don’t you worry about him—he’s making quality content at Discovery, he’s raking in the money, and he’s taking the world by storm.

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