How to Successfully Complete a Digital Nursing Degree

How to Successfully Complete a Digital Nursing Degree

Online education is going to become the new normal, either in full or at least for a portion of everyone’s education. It is the best way to benefit from top universities while working or if you live outside of the area. You will be able to learn from the best no matter where they are, be able to spread out costs by learning from home, and of course, you will have access to some of the top degrees in the world.

For nurses, it means they can continue to work while they study to advance to the next level of nursing. It also means that those who want to change their careers can do so easily.

It will be tough. You will need to be disciplined and go above and beyond for your degree, so follow these tips and get started today.

Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon.

—Dag Hammarskjold

Explore Your Options for Education

You have options when it comes to becoming a nurse. You can slowly work your way up, which cuts down on time spent studying and allows you to work while you learn. This option is much slower compared to accelerated nursing programs, but it does allow you to work more quickly in the industry.

If you are keen to study quickly, or you want to change your career quickly, then accelerated nursing programs online are ideal for you, though. Bunkering down and completing an intensive, full time accelerated program might mean there are some steps you need to complete beforehand. For example, there are 52 pre-reg courses you will need to have completed beforehand. These are often covered during a bachelor’s course, but if you don’t have all of them, you will want to get in touch with the admissions board. There might be a way to add that course to your degree or a place you can gain that credit on your own before you enroll.

Compare Online Providers

While working to reach the enrollment requirements, you will also want to spend more time investigating your options in terms of providers. The better overall ranking doesn’t mean much. You want to know how well that particular degree compares with others.

You will also want to choose the provider that includes tools and other benefits, like automatic placement for your in-clinic nursing hours.

If you have any questions or requests, you should get in touch with the department. A suggestion might be a good enough of an idea that they add it to their curriculum or service offerings before you actually start. Similarly, there might be services and benefits you can take advantage of that you weren’t able to find on the course prospectus.

Invest in These Great Tools for Studying

1.    Note Taking

For some, their computer might be enough to handle all of their note-taking tasks. For those that find that they learn and process information better by writing down their notes, however, you will want to look at your options to streamline the process. There are plenty of free online note-taking tools so that you can clip bits from online articles easily into a note file.

2.    Handwriting Transcription

If you can get into the habit of typing up your handwritten notes later on, then you’re all set. If you can’t get into that habit, then it is better to invest in a stylus and use a tablet to write your notes.

There are programs that can automatically detect handwriting and translate it into typed notes automatically for you after the fact. This way, you can write down your notes and then have them transcribed with a click of the button.

3.    Audio Notes

For those who are audible learners or who want to study on the go, all you need is a good voice recorder phone app. For the best results, you will want to write a script for yourself so that you can listen to an audio file while on your commute or while exercising without dealing with stutters or trains of thought.

Set Up a Study Space

While you are finding the right study tools that work best for you and how you learn, you will also want to set up a dedicated study space. Though you can learn on your couch or even in your bed, this will just do you a disservice over time.

By setting up a desk or an area where you do nothing but study, you can set the right expectations the moment you sit down. More importantly, you will keep your lounge areas for relaxing.

Create a Consistent Routine

Even committing to a degree full time is difficult when studying online. That is why you need to set up a consistent routine so that you can get through the requirements of the day and your own studying.

This includes stopping after a certain point, even if you aren’t done yet with the article or reading. By giving yourself clear boundaries when you work, and when you relax, you can manage your energy and stress levels.

Stay Healthy

Part of the routine you will want to focus on is your health. This means having a consistent sleep routine, eating a healthy breakfast in the morning, setting breaks for yourself, and exercising.

By putting an emphasis on your physical health will help you stay on task, manage stress, and stay productive. You learn best when you are at your best, so take care of your physical and mental health.

Nursing is a wonderful career to enter, and it can be customized to suit what you want out of life. Before you can get there, however, you need to put the work in. A BSN will give you the groundwork you need to take your career in whichever way you want. It’s the cornerstone you need, so work hard, stay motivated, and believe in yourself if you want to succeed.

Nurse: just another word to describe a person strong enough to tolerate anything and soft enough to understand anyone.

– Unknown