A Simple Guide on the Logo Design Basics You Should Know

A Simple Guide on the Logo Design Basics You Should Know

Starting your own business comes with many advantages. For one thing, you’ll be your own boss; you can set your own schedules and make your own decisions.

There are a lot of other things that you have to do, though, especially in the initial stages. For starters, you’ll have to come up with a logo.

If anything, it’s one of the most important investments that you can make. After all, it’ll be representing your company.

Thinking of creating your own? Needs some tips? We’ll be going over some logo design basics below.

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Creating Your Own Logo

There are various ways that you can make your own logo. For example, if you’re familiar with graphic design, you can use a program like Adobe Illustrator. The only thing is that you have to pay for a subscription.

Alternatively, you can use a logo maker. Easy to use, they allow you to add text and images with just a few clicks. What’s more, is that most of them are free!

Logo Design Basics: 4 Things to Keep In Mind

Want to make your logo stand out? Here are a few tips!

1. Keep It Simple

Keep your logo design as simple as possible. The more complicated it is, the harder it will be for others to recall—and that’s not what you want.

Remember, you want your customers to be able to identify your business from the logo alone. You don’t want to confuse them with unclear messages.

2. Pick the Right Colors

The colors that you choose can affect how people perceive your brand. The number of colors matter as well. Generally speaking, you don’t want more than three as it can overcomplicate things.

Similarly, you don’t want to use super bright colors. Instead, use shades that are next to each other on the color wheel—that way, you can create an analogous color scheme.

3. Check the Size

Make sure that your logo is resizable—that is, you don’t want it to lose any quality when you shrink or enlarge it.

After all, there’s a high chance that it’ll be resized over the years. For example, you might have to scale it down so that you can fit it on a poster or ad.

4. Choose Your Font Carefully

There are three main types of typefaces that you can use—self, script, or sans serif. Out of them, serif fonts tend to be the most “professional.”

Chances are, you’ll have to test several of them to see which suits your brand the best. Remember, there’s also the option of having a custom font made.

Creating an Eye-Catching Logo

And there you have it—four tips on logo design basics. If anything, the last thing that you want is to just wing it!

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