5 Business Casual Sneakers You Can Wear in the Office

5 Business Casual Sneakers You Can Wear in the Office

Wouldn’t it be nice to show up at the office without the Oxford dress shoes? Here’s a crazier idea: wouldn’t it be nice to show up wearing sneakers? Well, you’re in luck! There is such a thing as business casual sneakers.

You need to maintain a certain standard at your workplace. But you also realize the importance of being stylish and turning heads at the workplace.

These are the business casual sneakers are perfect for showing off your style and professionalism:

The 5 Best Business Casual Sneakers

While there is a variety of business casual sneakers, we have chosen these 5 that is easily the best. They are affordable, stylish, and applicable for wearing at different workplaces.

1. Chukka Haan

The Chukka Haan boots cost only $100 and are a short boot-cut type sneaker. The most popular color combination – and one we recommend – is black with a white base. This is a minimal style and has a leather finish.

Its simplicity makes it perfect for a “Casual Friday” at the office and also works outside of the workplace. If you are looking to purchase a sneaker and want one that is versatile, this one may be for you.

2. Givenchy

There are a plethora of Givenchy sneakers for men so we won’t recommend one in particular. However, looking through their catalog, you will find leather sneakers that are minimal in design and will work at any workplace.

These are naturally on the pricier side, but if you are the senior executive at the office – you have to do a bit of showing off, even on a “dress-down” day!

3. The Duke

Ace Marks has a great sneaker called The Duke. And you will surely feel like royalty wearing these sneakers. Made from fine Italian leather, these are low-cut sneakers and has a simple design – perfect for the workplace without being too flashy.

They are in the $200 range and can be purchased online, with FREE shipping in the U.S.

4. Preston

TOMS offers a dress shoe called Preston. This $100 shoe looks more like a dress shoe than the others on this list. The shoe has a suede design and has a durable sole. TOMS, as a company, also provides shoes to the underprivileged. So your purchase helps you out and goes to a good cause.

If you want a subtle and more traditional dress shoe that has the comfort of a sneaker, then the Preston is for you.

5. Like Nike

We bet you were not expecting this. Nike always provides the perfect sneaker for every occasion and casual sneakers for the office are among their expertise. The Like Nike sneakers bear the logo and usual style that you would see in a Nike Air Force One.

The low cut sneaker can be worn at the office and at a night out. They are versatile and are subtle so they are not overly flashy for the workplace. If you want to be with the most trusted brand and find a sneaker for the office, the Like Nike is for you.

Get Your Shoe On!

Now that you know the 5 best business casual sneakers, go out and grab a pair! You will surely show off your style and professionalism at your workplace.

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