How to Print Payroll Checks Online in 5 Easy Steps

How to Print Payroll Checks Online in 5 Easy Steps

If you’re a small business owner, you have several options for paying your employees.

Some companies prefer direct deposit payments. Other employers opt to use checks that are preprinted either through a check printing service or by someone else they’ve hired to perform the task. Still, some businesses choose a do-it-yourself approach and print payroll checks for their employees themselves.

Printing your own checks can be a cost-effective option for business owners who pay a limited number of staff members every week. It’s also a good choice for employers who pay employees by the hour or whose employees don’t have a predetermined work schedule.

And, thanks to the millions of business apps, software, and sites available to today’s professionals, it’s easy to create your own business checks in just minutes.

Whatever your reason might be for printing payroll checks, we can show you how to do it in just 5 simple steps!

How to Print Payroll Checks in Just 5 Steps

Printing your own payroll checks is an easy process that’s simple enough for anyone to walk through. But, to be safe, you might want to print out these instructions to keep as a handy reference in case you get stumped at some point along the way. This is an especially good idea if this is the first time you’ve ever printed your own checks.

Step 1: Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment & Supplies

The only equipment that’s required is a printer, a technological or electronic device, and a few basic office supplies.

Choose a device that allows you to create checks and has a function for printing. While a laptop or desktop computer is one of the easiest ways to design customized checks by downloading one of the hundreds of templates available online, it’s not your only option. Today, you can even create checks using your smartphone or tablet.

Any printer that’s compatible with your computer or device will work fine. You’ll also need to purchase the right stock paper for printing checks and magnetic printer ink. Anything other than magnetic ink, and a financial institution may not be able to process your checks.

Lastly, if you print your checks using an app or template that doesn’t allow you to print a check larger than the standard sized personal check, you’ll have to purchase additional paystub paper. You can purchase this by the roll at any office supply store.

Step 2: Choose a Template or Create Your Own

Next, you’ll need to create or download a check design to use.

You can choose from hundreds of templates available online or create one using any type of software for creating paychecks. You can even use basic, go-to apps for creating documents, such as Google Docs or Word. However, you should only attempt this if you’ve got the necessary skills and only if you’re willing to invest a little more time and patience to complete the task.

Step 3: What to Include on Your Check

Enter your company information, as well as your bank’s name, your routing number and account number. You can choose to type in the payee’s information, check amount, and the date or leave these fields blank and fill them out later.

Double-check to make sure that your check has all of the pertinent information that is standard for business checks, as well as any additional fields or details necessary before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Don’t Forget Your Paystubs

You can create a paystub to accompany your paychecks using software that’s specifically designed for this purpose. If you prefer not to purchase software (which can get pricey), head over to to create and download your own paystubs directly off their site for an affordable price.

Step 5: Print Your Checks & Paystubs 

Once you have created your customized company paychecks and accompanying paystubs, it’s time to print your documents. Make sure your printer is set to the right specifications, and you have your ink and paper ready to go. Then, just print your docs and you’ll have instant payroll checks to distribute to your employees on payday.

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