How Software Has Made It Easier To Win In Online Gambling

How Software Has Made It Easier To Win In Online Gambling
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Gambling software comes in a variety of forms – there’s the RNG to stop slots from being predictable, the technology that powers your favorite games, live dealer software, and more.

But not all software is about giving you a crisper and safer game experience – some software helps make it easier for you to win in online gambling.

I’ve highlighted two key ways that software increases your chances of winning at your favorite online casino – use them to your advantage!

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Software makes it easier to keep track of your gameplay

Gambling in a casino is a very different beast to doing so online – in a live environment, there are distractions, and it’s easier for nerves to creep into your game. This makes it harder to keep up with the game and know exactly where you stand at every given moment – something software has tackled in online gambling, making it easier for you to win.

One of the simplest ways that software in online gambling makes it easier for you to win is by recording the bet sizes made by you and your opponents. I’ll use poker as an example to explain how this works. In a land casino you need to keep track of the pot size. This is important because it informs your bet sizing, so that you bet the correct amount. Casino software does this for you, keeping a tally of the pot size so that you know how much to bet – something that makes it easier for you to win by making sure you don’t bet too small and price in weaker hands, giving those players an opportunity to make a better one than you.

Software allows you to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses

Like all games, gambling is about knowing two things – mastery of your gameplay and knowing the weaknesses of your opponents, then exploiting them. Software makes it possible for you to spot the soft, fleshy areas of your opponents game, ruthlessly carve away at them – like a Christmas turkey – and win easier at online gambling.

PokerTracker is the best example of gambling software that helps find the weak points in your opposing players’ game styles. Designed specifically for poker, it tracks the way your opponents play, recording how they act and then producing scores for a number of elements to their game. One example of how this makes it easier for you to win is that it will tell you how often your opponents Fold vs Flop CB – this means that you know what your chances of getting that player to fold are if you make a continuation bet (bet the flop having made a pre-flop raise).

There’s no certainty in gambling – the best-made plans can come unstuck at any moment because you simply can’t bet on anything definitely happening. However, by getting the most out of the software at your disposal, you can improve your gameplay and exploit your opponents’ weaknesses, increasing your chances of winning.