7 Useful SaaS Monitoring Tools for Your Business

7 Useful SaaS Monitoring Tools for Your Business

Did you know that almost one-quarter of the world’s population uses Facebook? The potential this holds for digital marketers and businesses of all kinds is massive.

However, if you are going to interface with a large audience over social media you need to be able to track your success and adjust your campaigns to match.

What is the best way to do this? Saas monitoring tools are giving many business advantages in this market. Which are the best tools in 2019? Check out our in-depth guide below.

1. Profitwell

To see the development of your business you need to be able to see goals and progress instantly. Profitwell subscription software allows you to see this will daily results regarding your campaigns.

Track whether your spending on marketing campaigns is receiving sufficient ROI. Further, you will see exactly where you are seeing positive or negative marketing results. This will allows you to change things in almost real-time.

2. Baremetrics

Metrics mean you have an accurate picture of the growth of your company. This is crucial for your business plan and established OKRs.

However, Baremetrics analysis software helps you to do more than understand your current situation. It predicts or forecasts future developments based on current data. This is crucial for future marketing campaigns.

Of course, it also helps you to understand the present by providing notifications and feedback regarding your current campaigns. Helpfully, Baremetrics provide a free trial to help you understand the potential of its many features.

3. Mainmetrics

The makers of the very flexible Mainmetrics tool pride themselves on the intuitive interface and setup of this product. There is no need to have advanced knowledge of ie coding. Rather users can immediately connect their data sources to the system and begin receiving information very quickly.

Some of the readouts include customer churn and average revenue per customer. This helps you to drill down to individual customer behavior.

4. Chartmogul

If you will use the data you receive from the Saas system for presentations then the Chartmogul reporting system will work best for you.

It automates the outputting of information and presents it in easy to read and understand charting. this means that rather than pouring over outputted statistics in .csv format you will be able to immediately grasp the import of the metrics.

5. Insight

The company behind Insight reporting tools boast more than 400,000 customers worldwide.

The company promises that they look at data from a recipient’s point of view and not collectors. They will create custom dashboards and readouts. This means that you can understand the statistics quickly, even if you do not have a technical background.

Data can quickly be shared between users. This means that information that could benefit the whole department will not be siloed in individual departments.

6. Mixpanel

Companies such as Expedia and BMW use Mixpanel to analyze the behavior of their customers worldwide.

Mixpanel focuses on the behavior of customer accounts that have the potential to be improved. This may be for instance re-engagement with drifting or lost customers. They promise a healthy and honest look at your metrics with the goal of turning weaknesses into strengths.

7. Adobe Analytics

Next up the famous Adobe Analytics suite. Using their intuitive dashboards, you can quickly grasp where your campaigns are succeeding or where adjustments are needed.

As you can imagine a company the size of Adobe, and with customers as large as Airbus, there are a rich number of tools to utilize.

Not everyone will use the powerful array of tools that Adobe provides. They have multiple membership levels that allow you to purchase the subscription that meets your needs.

Saas Monitoring tools and Other Key Technologies

If you are a small-to-medium-sized business you will be interested in the analytics that results from every transaction you make. Saas Monitoring Tools can make the difference between good, informed decisions and bad judgment.

If you are interested in other software that can increase the efficiency of your business, we are here to help. We leverage our years of experience to bring relevant content to you.

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