5 Useful Tips for You to Memorize the Periodic Table

5 Useful Tips for You to Memorize the Periodic Table

You may think the periodic table was created to make your life harder, but it was actually made as a cheat sheet. It was conjured up when Dmitry Mendeleev, a Russian chemist, was late in submitting data of all the elements.

Luckily, his chart turned out to be a marvel of patterns that makes it easy to remember and group elements into compounds.

So, when you memorize the periodic table your efforts are rewarded by creating an easier way to solve mathematical equations that predict chemical reactions.

Read on to discover 5 simple ways to remember this useful tool.

1. Copy the Table

If you are a visual learner who wants to memorize periodic table elements then make your own. You can print out or draw a blank table and fill in the blanks.

Copy from a completed periodic table at first to learn where the elements go, their atomic name, abbreviation, atomic weight, and atomic number. Then see how much you can fill in from memory, repeating the exercise until you know all 118 elements.

2. Memory Game

Learning the periodic table can be fun when you make it into a game. Have you ever played the memory game as a child?

Create a deck using flashcards or paper. Make two cards of every element. Flip them over with the blank side up.

Mix them around on the ground and spread them out so all cards are visible. Flip one card over then try to find its match. 

This process will make you repetitively look at each element. You can even include an extra step. When you find a match you have to place it on the periodic table in the right location.

3. Flashcards

Testing yourself with flashcards is a great way to learn how to remember the periodic table. 

Place the atomic name or abbreviation on one side and the atomic weight and number on the other. You can even make several combinations of cards: one with the weight and one with the number.

Once you memorize the atomic number, which is the number of protons in the element, you know where the element goes on the chart. 

4. Acronyms

Another common way to learn how to memorize the periodic table of elements is to use an acronym. An acronym is a simple sentence with each word using the first letter of each element you are trying to recall.

You can do this in several ways. Use an acronym for each group, which is the vertical columns numbering 1 through 18. Or use the horizontal rows that are numerical according to the atomic number.

You could also clump them as the various types of metals and nonmetals, or the state of the material, such as liquid, solid, gas, and unknown.

5. Image/Word Association

The most creative way to know how to memorize the periodic table is to think of a word or object that reminds you of the element. 

Make the association fun and unique so that you won’t forget it. You can use this technique to know where the element is located.

For example, helium floats like a balloon. And what is better than one balloon? How about two? So, helium is in the very top corner of the table and has 2 protons. 

Memorize the Periodic Table as Fast as Possible

Chances are that you want to memorize the periodic table for a reason. That means you need to do it fast. Try out all of these tips to see which one works for you, then stick to it for quick results.

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