How to copy data from old Android to new Android phone

Smartphones currently have become a fundamental part of our life, and with the pace that the technology and android industry is sprinting; everybody wants to have the latest smartphones with them. But nobody wants to lose the data that was present on their old phone. Although the data transfer from one phone to another is not unfeasible, the Android to Android data transfer might be sometimes frustrating, because people want to get their things done in a jiffy. For most of us, our android phones are the prime storage of data. Therefore it is essential to transfer data from our old android phone to the new android phone. Although certain android phones have the facility of external storage, it is challenging to transfer application and other SMS data. However, there are several ways to perform the Android to Android data transfer; the professional data transfer tool, dr.fone – Switch makes your data transfer process easier and quicker. The tool not only makes the Android to Android data transfer process faster but also makes it secure and safer.


Other than the data transfer tools, there are few methods by which the Android to Android data transfer process can be facilitated without involving a data transfer tool. Bluetooth was once the easiest method that helped in data transfer. It doesn’t need an internet connection or wire cables. But it can be hugely time-consuming when it comes to huge data transfer. Near Field Communication is also another wireless transfer process to transfer android data where the user needs to keep the phones in contact. But the data transfer rate of this process is very slow, and it does not support many file types and is less secure. Another method of data transfer from Android to Android can be done through cable transfer. But this process requires a lot of effort as this involves hardware. Sometimes the port may be different for different devices, and since it is external hardware, the data transfer rates, supported data, and power capabilities might be unknown. All these conventional methods, when it is involved with a professional data transfer tool, it makes a massive difference. Although there are several professional data transfer tools in the market, dr.fone – Switch proves to be the most reliable one.


dr.fone is a product of Wondershare, an international software company and is compatible with thousands of android mobile phones and tablets such as Samsung, Apple, Sony, HUAWEI, LG, Motorola, OPPO and more and transfers up to several 13 file transfer types. The tool is completely compatible with Android 2.2 and more. There are two ways with which you can transfer the data. dr.fone Transfer and dr.fone – Switch. The former allows you to transfer data such as SMS, apps, music, photos, videos, audio files, contacts, and other documents from Android to Android. Download the dr.fone app from the Google Play and once it is successfully installed in your device, select the transfer option as our focus is currently on the data transfer. It then asks you to select the type of file (photo, video, app, music, and files) that you want to transfer, the photo being the default option. After selecting the file, click on send option from the phone that you are going to send the data. A six-digit key will be initiated, which is valid for 10 minutes. Now on your new android phone on which you are going to receive the data, click on receive. Enter the six-digit key and press the download icon on the right corner of the field. The data is now received in your new phone. The same simple steps are to be followed for other file types as well.


The dr.fone- Switch allows you to transfer the data between Android and any other OS (for example, iOS) if you want to upgrade to a new device. You can download the dr.fone here for the data transfer on your computer. Connect both your old device and new phone to your computer via USB. Select the source device and select the file type you want to send and click on export to device option and then select your target device. Follow the below steps to transfer photos from Android to Android on dr.fone – Switch by clicking here. Follow the similar steps for transferring other file types using the dr.fone – Switch.

The tool comes with a seven-day money-back guarantee and a free trial version option where you can have a preview before purchase. You can also purchase either the entire toolkit or based on your desired function (like a backup, transfer) for both Android and iOS separately. The tool is user-friendly, and it comes with a free lifetime update. They also offer a 24/6 one to one online support through emails and the website. The most important aspect of why dr.fone – Switch is reliable over other data transfer tools is that it is highly secure. It is because your data is not sent to the servers, and it is limited to the devices itself, and hence the privacy of your data is guaranteed.

Therefore, it is always better to invest your money in dr.fone for transferring all your data as they are quicker, easier, and trustworthy at the same time.

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