Current trends on Podcast you should know

Current trends on Podcast you should know

Today, the world is all about convenience; you can do a number of things like indulge in slots games, without having to leave your home. Additionally, people today have a number of platforms and formats to express themselves and share their opinions on anything under the sun. Thanks to the internet and the ability to connect on a global scale, new type and format of quality content are now being made available. One such innovative content-creating format is podcasts. Podcasts today are so famous, and they are being used to provide commentary and opinions on an array of subjects like gaming, popular online games, different technologies and fields of education, politics, etc.

What Exactly Do We Mean By a Podcast?

By a podcast, we mean an audio file or a video recording of something; it can be a broadcast of a radio or TV program, a lecture, a discussion or just a monologue on a specific topic. So, what makes a podcast a podcast? In what way is it different from just an audio or video recording? Basically, a podcast is free and can be accessed from anywhere, on-the-go, through any mobile device or a computer. Hence, you can say it is on-demand, which means you can listen to it whenever you want as opposed to say a radio program that is only accessible at a specific time of the day. All you require is a good internet connection for it to stream. And finally, a podcast is generally about a specific topic or niche. All the information, content, discussion, etc. should be around that specific topic.

The Current Trends in Podcasts

In recent times, podcasts have become huge, especially during 2018-2019. We have seen a lot of new faces become popular through this medium. But now, there are signs that the style of content is going to become more accessible to the general public. Though previously podcasts were huge, finding them wasn’t really that easy. Word of mouth was the only form of advertisement podcast-makers relied on, and they had to use other channels like YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms for marketing their podcasts.

But now the scenario is totally changing and for the better. Thanks to the involvement of some of the biggest giants in the online world like Google, along with iTunes which has been a promoter of podcasts for many years now, the problem of exposure is expected to vanish. People are even hoping for a YouTube and Facebook suggestions model where people are automatically “suggested” other good podcasts of a similar genre. Additionally, the quality of content is also expected to improve in the near future as the companies that are hosting and distributing the podcasts are expected to bring in the monetisation model too. Thus, the world of podcasts has seen a huge increase in recent years and people are hoping for bigger and better changes for podcasts and the aficionados of this format in the near future.