8 best technological gadgets for your car in 2019

8 best technological gadgets for your car in 2019

Car technology can make your trips much more comfortable and bearable. Therefore, we have selected the most 8 innovative technological accessories that will allow you to turn your vehicle into a more fun, comfortable and safe.

Car GPS Tracker

Your car has been stolen and neither you nor the police locates it. You don’t remember where you parked the car. Or, you might want to know where your teenager who has taken your vehicle is. In any of these situations, this car tracking device will be of great help, which, through a simple process to link the device to your mobile, will always let you know the exact location of your car. Most of the car GPS trackers come with SIM cards, so you need to pay the monthly fees. If you want to save money, you can choose the best car GPS tracker no monthly fee.


Have you had a car accident and those involved do not agree with who was to blame? Often happens. Solving this legal problem is very difficult because it is very unlikely that there are witnesses who can verify who is responsible for them. It is here where the functionality of the dashcam is present: These are turned on and off synchronously with the engine of your car, so you will be able to defend your innocence with physical and concrete evidence.

Parking system

If you are one of those people who have a hard time parking your car, this gadget is for you. Some parking system has 4 ultrasonic sensors and a loudspeaker to see when you’re near an object, car or wall. Installation is quick and uncomplicated in the vehicle. You will no longer have excuses to ride on sidewalks or take safety cones ahead.

Tire pressure control system

Your safety is priceless or that of those who accompany you in your car. That is why, although it is a bit expensive, you should not skimp on buying this gadget for your car. This pressure monitoring system will help you keep an eye on one of the most important groups of parts of your car: the tires. By placing these small devices on each tire valve, you can check the pressure and temperature with just one button.

Anti-blind angle mirror

The latest generation cars have many advantages, among them is to have a digital “blind spot alert” function. However, if you have a vehicle that already has a few years in its body, you may need a mirror attached to your rearview mirror. However, this gadget does not require much investment, and fulfills the same function.

Help Flash

More than a technological accessory, this has to do with security, something that perhaps makes it the most essential of all those mentioned in this list. Help Flash is an emergency light that is called to replace security triangles, a change in regulations that the DGT wants to approve and that would take effect in 2025. However, you can already use it in case of breakdown, something highly recommended, since it improves your visibility on the road even before putting the triangles, thus reducing the risk of an accident.

Universal sunshade for day and night

Do sunlight or car lights bother you at night? The universal folding sun visor (Universal Car Flip Sunvisor) can be used during the day and at night. The transparent gray part protects from the sun’s flashes during the day while the yellow zone blocks the lights of the rest of the car at night. It includes a UVA filter for added protection and can be easily installed or removed. It fits most vehicles.

Wireless charging base In line with the previous product, there is another one that may interest you more: a wireless charging base. It is not so fast when it comes to filling your cell phone battery but it is much more comfortable. You can simply pick up the mobile and re-deposit it to charge. It is perfect for long trips and not to depend on cables, although it is also something more expensive.