Modern Technology and its impact on our life – In-Depth Discussion

Modern Technology and its impact on our life - In-Depth Discussion

We are living in a time when every aspect of our life is governed by science and technology. It is no doubt that technology has played a massive role in shaping what our life looks right now. With more and more advanced technology, our life has changed for the better and has prompted us to do normal things in different, innovative ways.

Without the influence of technology, our life would have been very difficult. Through technology, we were able to bring light during the night though electricity. Take the example of smartphones, tablets and computers – can you imagine a life without these peripherals? Not only have these machines helped us to manage homes, buy online, process financial transactions efficiently, get entertainment, interact socially,  make faster decisions and exchange information, but also new unimaginable possibilities that have allowed humans to push themselves to solve problems that others have dreamed off.

Look around you. You have your smartphone lying around you. Most probably, you have Twitter, Facebook or Skype running gin the background. These apps have become a part of our lives and have allowed people to send messages/ voice memos to people on other platforms in a matter of seconds. Irrespective of the location you know that you will be able to connect with a person living on the other side of the globe in nanoseconds!

Probably a CCTV camera is looking at you right now and scanning your every movement. Many companies like specialize in providing customized solutions for your privacy solutions. Who would have imagined that you will be able to remote watch your old parents from abroad just a few decades ago? Technology has bridged the gap between people globally and has truly paved the way for global culture adoption.

With the help of several advances in the engineering community and the scientific communities, robotics and Artificial Intelligence has become a reality from the grasp of science fiction. Imagine the robots you saw in the Terminator becomes a real thing? Well, officially now it is entirely possible with the help of deep learning algorithms and AI technologies. Although many people fear that the development of AI will negatively impact life through unemployment and layoffs, research has shown that it can be used alongside human workers to enhance their productivity and helps to create unconventional new jobs when it mitigates an old job.

Through the help of GPS, now we can easily go to a local destination with the click of a few buttons. With the help of specialized satellites, countries have managed to create incredibly detailed maps of countries and through specific coordinates and timings, scientists have managed to create a redundant system that can guide people to a nearby location with impeccable precision.

Thanks to comprehensive usage of AI, deep machine learning and advanced GPS techniques. Self-driving cars are no more a thing of science fiction. Renowned companies like Tesla and Google Waymo have managed to create self-driving cars which will soon be commercialized on a larger scale in the coming years.

Modern technology has also given rise to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality which has allowed humans to venture into distant possibilities. Imagine playing is inside a game alongside your favorite game character? Imagine war veterans getting real war life scenario from the comfort of a room? Doctors training newbies on a virtually created model of a patient? Well, now these are entirely possible. Through a combination of sensors and calculations, computers can now realize where a particular portion of your body id in three-dimensional space. This allows humans to interact with the virtual environment in ways that they haven’t perceived before.

Although the discussed scientific breakthroughs have made life a lot easier, it has its own share of flaws as well. Technology has made us more dependent on machines for our everyday needs. Although this dependency is beneficial in the long run, it has led to the creation of a special group of people called digital natives who do not have the means to survive without technology. The genie is out of the bottle and there is no way that the development of technology will stagnate anytime soon.  Although this constant urge to remain connected is present in the neo-generation, the novelty rests thin for the older generations who have survived a significant amount of time on simple technologies. It is still yet to be seen how the modern generation will lead their tech-dependent lifestyle and manage their professional as well as private spheres responsibly.