Common Problems With Car Air Conditioning Systems

Common Problems With Car Air Conditioning Systems

The last thing you want is for your car’s air conditioner to break down in the middle of summer. You can find auto parts online to fix it. However, a car AC not working will drastically impact you in the short-term. You need to watch out for the warning signs something is wrong with the system. You should address all of the following problems in a timely fashion so that you can avoid more expensive repairs down the road.

Low Refrigeration Level

The AC needs refrigerant. It is similar to having motor oil in the engine. Without it, you will not get much use out of the system. The level of refrigerant in your vehicle diminishes by roughly 15% every year. This loss tends to occur during the winter when the AC is not in use as much. The seals will dry out and impact the unit. You should inspect your refrigerant levels before every summer, so you can be certain there is still enough left.


The job of the air conditioner is to lower the interior temperature of your car. It is also responsible for cleaning, drying and cooling the air by making the hotter air go outside. In the event debris or excessive moisture contaminates the AC, it will be unable to cool your car. When the air is not as cold as it used to be, you should inspect the system to see if moisture is the culprit.

Clogged Condenser

Your AC needs the condenser to cool down the refrigerant vapors exiting the system. When the condenser becomes blocked, it will constrict the flow of air, so the system is unable to cool anything. The condenser can sustain damage due to the presence of debris, grime or dirt. You can clean the condenser using a high-quality flushing agent. However, if the condenser is too old, then you may want to consider replacing it. It is always easier to replace one component than to replace the entire AC due to a lack of maintenance.

Strange Odors

When the AC system is not in use, it becomes a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. The interior of your vehicle’s AC is dark and damp, which makes it the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of organisms. You will know if bacteria are in the system due to a horrendous odor coming from the vents. These creatures grow at a rapid pace, and they will not go away on their own. A technician should be able to tell if bacteria are the culprits through routine inspection. Additionally, it is easy to get rid of bacteria if they are detected early enough.

Your attention may be on getting new LED lights or finding the right ball sizes for trailers. However, you need to set all of that aside when you start having issues with your AC. You and your passengers do not want to be uncomfortable for long drives. Get the parts you need from your local auto parts shop. You will be able to enjoy cold air all season long by being vigilant and proactive.