7 of the Best High Tech Home Gadgets to Buy for a Safer Home

7 of the Best High Tech Home Gadgets to Buy for a Safer Home

In just one year, there can be as many as 1,401,840 burglaries in the United States. This is clearly a high number- people without scruples will stop at nothing to infiltrate private property and obtain valuables and critical information.

If you own property, you’ve probably wondered many times how you can keep it secure against home invasions and other threats. Luckily, we live in a digital age where we can use a multitude of technologies to keep out valuables and livelihood safe and secure.

Read on to learn seven of the best high tech home gadgets that will make sure that burglars pass your home!

1. General Home Security Systems

Home security systems ensure that those who are unwelcome in your home can’t enter. Without entering a passcode or using a specific key, no one will be able to enter into the building itself, let alone any of the rooms where your valuables are kept.

Systems that secure your entire house can be placed in many places, from your front door to your garage. In fact, it’s better to have security systems in multiple points of entrance. Doing this ensures that there’s no way that intruders can circumvent your system.

2. Fingerprint Technology

While fingerprint technology may not be the most secure system on your Smartphone, it is one of the best decisions you can make for securing your home. There are tons of different fingerprint technologies out there for you to choose from, so you’re sure to find something you like.

If you don’t already know about these systems, their draw is that no one can enter into your home without placing your fingerprint on a sensor. Because all fingerprints are unique, this is an incredibly secure system- no one will have access to your home except for you. Ever.

3. Facial Recognition

Like fingerprint technologies, facial recognition lock systems are keyless- you’ll never have to waste time searching for your house keys again. Rather than scanning for a unique fingerprint, these security systems recognize the unique features of your face (and the faces of others in your home that are inputted into the software).

One draw of these systems that fingerprint technology doesn’t have is that it can be less frustrating to deal with. If a fingerprint scanner is dirty or isn’t working for whatever reason, you might get locked out. This won’t happen with facial recognition.

There is one drawback to these systems, however. If someone is really determined to get into your house and you have a cheap model of lock, intruders could theoretically use a high-quality photo of you to enter. Luckily, most facial recognition software won’t let this happen, and you can also input a passcode if you’re paranoid about this.

4. Indoor Hidden Cameras

Having hidden cameras around the house is always a good idea for enhanced security. These nifty gadgets ensure that if your house is broken into or an item goes missing, you can go back and see who the culprit is.

If you have valuable assets, set up some hidden cameras pointing at the area they’re in. Doing so will help to protect your valuables and make sure that you’re safe and secure.

Check out this helpful post to learn where you can get hidden cameras for less than a hundred dollars. It’s a worthy investment and will keep your home secure whether you’re home or out on errands… or a trip!

5. Outdoor Security Cameras

In addition to indoor hidden cameras, outdoor security cameras are a good investment. Possibly even more useful than indoor hidden cameras are, this outdoor surveillance can let you see what’s going on before someone gets into your home. It’s a preventative, preemptive measure that’s sure to stop people from barging in on your property.

You can keep these cameras out of sight like hidden cameras- this strategy definitely has its benefits. You’ll be able to know who’s a threat if you see them on camera, ensuring that you don’t put your trust in the wrong people.

There are also benefits to keeping them in the open, though. If potential burglars see cameras, they likely won’t bother your house- after all, most of them just want money or expensive goods. They aren’t going to bother with your obviously secured home when they could just find an easier mark.

6. Mobile Phone Applications

If something does happen and someone attempts to break into your house, you’ll probably want to be alerted. Having a notification go out to you, wherever you may be, will not only make you aware that there’s a potential threat but also give you the time to come home and take care of it (or, better yet, call the police).

You might be asking if this is possible, but never underestimate the power of modern technology! The vast majority of Americans use Smartphones for various purposes every day, and these Smartphones can download apps that will let you know if your security system has an attempted breach.

These apps hook right up to your security cameras and exist for the purpose of catching unusual activity. You’re sure to feel safe when you go out when you have the knowledge that you’re still keeping an eye on your house at all times.

7. Cyber Security

In today’s day and age, we store so much information in cyberspace. From your tax information to your social security number to confidential information about your home, it’s likely that your computer holds a lot of deep information about yourself and your family.

That’s why it’s important to invest in a good cybersecurity system. Securing your digital information is almost as important as securing your physical assets since those who hack into your computer may get information that could lead to the credit card or identity theft. Stay alert and get the best security software you can find!

Get High Tech Home Gadgets

While there are a lot of threats that people can make against your home and your property, there are surefire ways to stay as safe as possible. When you buy one of the high tech home gadgets out there, you can safely say that you’ve taken every possible measure to protect your assets.

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Good luck!