7 New HVAC Technology Trends of Great Importance

7 New HVAC Technology Trends of Great Importance

If you’ve tried to buy a window AC or an HVAC unit lately, you’ve probably noticed that they’ve gotten extremely expensive.

A window unit can easily run you $500.00, and a whole-house HVAC system now trends around $12,000.00. Add those numbers to the cost of running units throughout the year and you’ll quickly resign yourself to using a fireplace during winter and ceiling fans during summer.

What we’re excited to tell you is that some of the world’s most brilliant innovators have seen the flaws in the conditioned-air market and are coming out with new HVAC technology that’s aimed at making climate-controlled spaces more affordable.

Below, we go over seven of the upcoming innovations that we’re most excited about.

1. Movement Activated Air

There’s nothing more expensive than leaving an HVAC system running when there’s nobody in a room. With movement-activated air ducts, an HVAC unit can sense when there are people present in a space and will cool or warm based on immediate need.

2. Solar and Gas-Powered Air

Since HVAC units tend to be the most energy-hungry appliances in a home, new HVAC technology aims to eliminate the need for traditional electricity in HVAC systems altogether. New units are being tested that leverage solar energy to power the flow of cool air and rely on cost-effective gas in order to supply heat.

3. Dual Heat Sources

Unless you’re working with a gas-powered furnace during the winter, you’re seeing your energy bill skyrocket when it gets cold outside. New HVAC systems are starting to incorporate the use of gas to help get your home’s temperature up to a reasonable level and then finishing the job with electricity.

By letting the gas power part of your home’s HVAC system, you could cut your winter utility bills significantly.

4. Smart Home Controlled Thermostats

These are one of the new HVAC technology trends that we’re already seeing in homes. Today, HVAC owners can control their units from applications on their mobile devices and even schedule when their unit turns off and on automatically.

5. 3-D Printed HVAC

Innovators are trying to save you $12,000 on a new HVAC unit by enabling people to generate a heating/cooling system from a 3-D printer!

Enthusiasts have already 3-D printed bricks that are capable of pulling moisture out of its surroundings to cool a space. That tells us that we’re moving in the right direction!

6. Ice-Based Cooling

Companies are testing cooling systems that freeze water in the evening and then use compressed air devices (like the ones that you can click here to see) to circulate a cool breeze through a building. Freezing water requires much less energy than cooling air so ice-based systems will offer consumers big-time savings.

7. Computer Powered Heating

Imagine being able to take all of the heat that your computer or laptop generates, store it, and use it later to warm your house! That may sound far-fetched, but energy innovators are currently working on a way to do exactly that.

New HVAC Technology Is Going to Make Your Life Easier

There’s a multitude of companies around the world working on new HVAC technology. While a lot of the ideas that we’ve mentioned in this post are a long way from consumer marketplaces, keep an eye out because once they land, your life is going to get better!

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