6 Reasons Why You Need a Backup Generator for Your Business

6 Reasons Why You Need a Backup Generator for Your Business

Did you know that in 2017, 36.7 million people were affected by power outages in the USA? We live in the most technologically advanced age in human history. Yet, a power outage can still cause great damage to business everywhere seemingly without warning.

A backup electricity generator that can give you the electricity you need during an outage is vital.

Still not convinced that it is worth the financial outlay?  You will be. Check out our list of 6 reasons why you need to install a backup generator.

1 – The Security of Your Business

As shown by past events in New York City, when neighborhood-wide blackouts occur sadly all too often it turns into an opportunity for criminals. As they lose their security and camera systems, businesses become open targets for thieves and looters.

Installing a backup generator that will kick in a soon as a blackout occurs will give your business added protection and keep the lights on. This will give any greedy looters a reason to think twice.

2 – Maintain Connectivity

Do you have a crucial production deadline to meet? Or have a presentation to give in a conference later? A blackout does not have to stop production as a backup generator seamlessly takes over when local electricity suppliers fail.

Power means not only manufacturing and computing power but also connectivity. This means that outside branches and clients may not even realize you have electricity issues.

3 – Environmental Controls

Temperature is more than a question of preference in most businesses. Any small-to-medium size business will have a server room which requires a climate controlled atmosphere.

Even meeting rooms with no windows are recognized to lose productivity as temperatures rise.

Manage the temperature of both your workers and your valuable equipment is crucial. You can do this by ensuring that your air-conditioning is supported by a backup power supply.

4 – Immediate Power

Some mains power outages last only a few seconds. Others result in inconsistent outages and power spikes for days as the problem is diagnosed by engineers. Avoid this nightmare situation completely by installing consistent reliable backup power.

It might require research to ensure that you obtain a generator with enough power to maintain operations during an outage. Check out www.krugerpower.com.au/ for a full guide to which model can meet your needs.

5 – Prevent Food Loss

Whether you run a catering business or simply have a staff canteen, the loss of food is neither cheap not hygienic.

Any business that is handling/storing meat or dairy products, in particular, should pay attention to this. They need to ensure the safety of their products during electricity outages. Or they may have a high price to pay.

6 – Minimum Downtime

The sooner your business is back running at normal capacity the better. It can be difficult to predict when a power outage will strike and so likely it will do so when production is in full flow.

Protect your employees and clients by installing a generator that ensures you will meet your deadlines.

Backup Generators and So Much More

If you are thinking of protecting your business by installing a backup generator you now have added reason to do so.

If you are looking for further technological advice or life-hacks, follow our blog to see how our research can help you.