5 Life-Changing High Tech Gadgets You Should Buy Before 2019 Ends

As the saying goes, technology makes your life easier. And the best tech can change your life. Discover 5 life-changing high tech gadgets now.

How many times have you watched an old movie and thought, “If they had had cell phones in those days, their problems could have been solved and there would be no movie”? An Affair to Remember, Home Alone, Romeo & Juliet, the list goes on and on!

As the saying goes, technology makes your life easier. And the best tech can change your life! Keep reading to discover five of the life-changing high tech gadgets available now.

1. Airpods

People may have laughed at them at first, but the whole world quickly learned how necessary and innovative Airpods are! If you work out, Airpods will change the way you listen to music.

No strings or attachments, which means no annoying cord getting in your way. If you run on a treadmill, then you’ve experienced accidentally yanking your earphones out with your elbow.

They charge in their case, so no hassle there either! And one of their best features? They stop your music when you take one out of your ear. No more fumbling around to pause your music or podcast when someone stops to talk to you!

They’re small, easy to sync, and totally unisex. It’s not often that you find high tech gadgets that are aimed at both men and women. Check out this link if you’re interested in gadgets for men.

2. Amazon Trash Can

The days of writing grocery lists on your fridge are almost over! The Amazon Trash Can is coming to turn your trash into effortless groceries.

Amazon’s latest invention scans the barcodes of each thing you throw away. It then finds those things online, adds them to your Amazon cart, orders them, and ships them to you. All you have to do is throw your empty container away!

This is the first step toward a truly “smart” home that runs your life for you. This product is still a prototype, but it’ll be released soon. Now you know to keep an eye out for it.

3. Sleep Number It Bed

Have you ever wanted to track your sleep habits? Doing an actual sleep study in a clinic can be expensive. Now there’s a bed that’ll do it for you!

The Sleep Number It mattress is alert all night, tracking your movements and breathing. This can help you get to know your REM cycle and the sleep habits you didn’t know you had.

Imagine getting terrible, restless sleep every night and not knowing why. Your Sleep Number It bed could reveal breathing habits consistent with sleep apnea or movements consistent with PLMD (periodic limb movement disorder). This gadget could help save your money and your health!

4. Furbo

No animal lover likes leaving their pet at home alone. Now, you don’t really have to!

Furbo is kind of like a nanny cam. It’s a small camera that watches your pet and sends a live feed to your phone. You can check on them and even speak to them through the device, wherever you are.

And the best part? You can even feed them treats while you’re gone! Press a button on your phone and Furbo spits out treats onto the floor.

5. Soundwall

Tired of huge, ugly speakers ruining your room decor? You need them by your TV but you hate the way they look (and the space they occupy).

A Soundwall is a flat, aesthetically-pleasing speaker. You can choose how it looks!

The face can be a painting, one single color, a blank canvas, or even your own uploaded photos. These speakers can just look like more decorations on your wall, so say goodbye to tacky speakers!

Your Life Can Improve Thanks To Today’s High Tech Gadgets

From improving your sleep to improving your time at the gym, today’s high tech gadgets can certainly benefit your life. As the world moves forward, so does our technology. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of it!

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