How to Recover Formatted Hard Drive with EaseUS software?

How to Recover Formatted Hard Drive with EaseUS software?

Having a tough time in retrieving data from formatted hard drive? Well, you’re not alone.  There are many users who use hard drives as the permanent storage means to save their years of data.

Is it even possible to recover formatted hard drive? Undoubtedly, you will lose access to your data after formatting the drive. However, formatting won’t erase stored data. In fact, the process of formatting only delete the entries of the files so that users can’t access to them but all data is still there. Hence, it is absolutely possible to recover formatted hard drive with any determined data recovery software. One such effective hard drive recovery tool is EaseUS data recovery wizard which will scan your hard drive even after it is formatted and show you all the data it can recover before it does.

What Makes EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard An Optimal Choice To Recover Formatted Hard Drive?

Familiarizing yourself with EaseUS software’s interface is very simple and easy. If you’re not technology confident, you can still recover the formatted hard drive using EaseUS software with no problems at all. This is because EaseUS data recovery wizard offers ease-of-use and stress-free experience to all kind of users. With EaseUS software, you can search files quickly with its fast scanning speed. Chances of overall data recovery success rate are also high, up to 97.3%. This is how EaseUS software outranks its competitors and has become the most popular choice amongst users who have retrieved their data with help of this tool. However, you won’t be able to recover formatted hard drive if you overwrite the previous data with any new content.

What Are The Steps To Follow While Recovering Formatted Hard Drive? 

After installing the EaseUS software, you have to connect the hard drive from where files are erased to your system. Run the recovery wizard, and select the particular formatted hard drive. Once this is done, you can go ahead to scan the drive. Wait till the end of the scan to see all lost files from your drive. You can also click to view the files if you want to. Now, the software can restore them back, you only have to select the files and click on recover button. As soon as you click on it, the software will ask you to choose the location to save recovered files. In order to restore files safely, it’s better to choose a different location, instead of hard drive to store the recovered files.

What’s The Best Way To Back Up My Data?

Accidental deletion, formatting, system crash, are just some of the common ways of losing data. There are two ways you can prepare for unexpected is to either follow good practices of using the storage devices or have an effective backup strategy in place. EaseUS Todo Backup is a trusted backup and recovery tool that users can use to secure files, disks, partitions, and whole system with ease. Before you decide to format your drive, make sure to back up your storage device and perform data recovery after the configuration. This way you will be less likely to lose your important data.


Accidental formatting a hard drive and inaccessibility to data can be a real pain. If you won’t recover formatted hard drive immediately, then you are highly likely to lose your crucial data permanently. So, checkout the free trial version of EaseUS software, and explore its features, analyze reviews and bring your formatted hard drive back to life.