Graphic Design for Beginners: Essential Tips, Tricks, and Software

Graphic Design for Beginners: Essential Tips, Tricks, and Software

Being a graphic designer is a fun and lucrative career path. It allows freedom for creativity, collaboration, diverse projects, and other exciting tasks. But did you know that only 30% of prospects remain in the profession beyond five years?

This number is not meant to deter or discourage you — quite the opposite. Use it as inspiration to be a part of that prestigious number. With graphic design, you have the opportunity to work for yourself or a firm, doing many different things at once, while immersing yourself in the visual world.

Sound intriguing? 

This graphic design for beginners guide will get you started. Here are some things to know, practice, and use to help you get in and stay in.

Tips, Tricks, and Software

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re getting started.


Be consistent and determined. As the numbers above prove, this is a competitive industry — and yet 70% leave before five years are up, which is good for you.

Keep your head above the crowd by building and marketing a strong personal brand. Research local internships, apprenticeships, or entry-level jobs in your area. Do work for friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors and ask them to leave reviews for you online.

In the meantime, keep a collection of inspirational things around and start developing your style. Learn what you’re drawn to and how you can make it even better or unique to your story.


Say a client has hired you to produce a high-quality logo for their brand. That’s an enormous task, as it’s what will represent their business. To ease some of that pressure, it helps to have some tricks up your sleeve.

One of those is Adobe Spark — best free online logo maker app. Check it out for examples of iconic imagery, gorgeous typography, and sheer professionalism. Those are all things you want to deliver as a graphic artist.

If you can find something for free, use it. The internet is rife with free tools and using them can do you (and your wallet) a world of good. Remember — work smarter, not harder.


Now, the software can get pretty pricey sometimes. You can splurge on one after a ton of research. Or you can choose the right combination of select free or affordable versions. Both result in a product you’ll be proud of!

Some of the best graphic design software for beginners include:

  • Photoshop – Yep, it’s still relevant! Photoshop comes with a plethora of simple yet impactful options for edits
  • Adobe Illustrator – High-cost product, but delivers unbeatable illustrations in lightning-time
  • GIMP – This easy-to-use software is professional, flexible, and produces crystal-clear, bright graphics

Of course, this list is not exhaustive.

Be sure to conduct thorough research before spending your hard-earned money on software.

Graphic Design for Beginners: Advice from the Experts

Don’t try to learn it all yourself. Instead, learn from the mistakes of others. Take their advice to help yourself get ahead in your career!

We hope you took away some valuable insight from this article about graphic design for beginners. We’ve got more where it came from, if so.

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