Amazon shuts down its social network that you forgot existed anyway

Now you’ll never know how to buy Jeff Bezos’ tie on Amazon. Sad.

Image: Alex Wong / Getty Images

Amazon Spark, we hardly cared about knew you.

The shopping social network (a kinda gross concept to start with) disappeared from the internet and Amazon’s app some time in the past couple days, according to a report from TechCrunch.

Spark launched in July 2017, and was described by your friends at Mashable as “the grossest, purest thing on the internet.” It attempted to bridge online shopping and authentic socializing while also bringing in sweet, sweet cash for Amazon. 

The service allowed Prime users to post photos of their favorite products in an Instagram-like feed with an easy click-to-purchase option built in. 

Amazon Spark when it launched in July 2017.

Amazon Spark when it launched in July 2017.

Image: amazon

Instagram has cautiously rolled out shopping features to brands and influencers on its platform starting in June 2018, attempting to infuse another revenue stream without creating a whole BUY THIS STUFF ickiness that Amazon Spark struggled to overcome. Spark also clearly grappled with the fact no one seemed to actually use it either. 

Amazon clearly still hopes shoppers will broadcast the things they buy with its #FoundItOnAmazon feature, which looks like a combination of Pinterest and Instagram’s Explore tab despite seeming to have no actual social functions. now redirects to the #FoundItOnAmazon page.

Maybe Amazon Spark’s failure proves we don’t want influencers and algorithms to tell us what to buy after all. 

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