YouTube Gaming's days are numbered, before it shuts down for good

The Youtube Gaming website back in 2015.

Image: NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images

This week is the last for YouTube Gaming.

While the closure was announced last year, the app will officially shut down and be merged with the main site on May 30, Google announced in a support post.

Although YouTube will merge existing YouTube Gaming subscriptions to the main site, it’s not possible to transfer the games content which you’ve saved in YouTube Gaming.

In the aftermath of Twitch’s acquisition by Amazon for $1 billion back in 2014, Google stepped up the competition by releasing its very own standalone, games streaming hub in YouTube Gaming in 2015.

The hub became a testbed for new features such as Super Chat and Channel Memberships, which have rolled out on the the main site, while aiming to give people just gaming content.

However, it never really took off, although gaming continues to be a popular genre on YouTube, with Google claiming more than 200 million users engage with gaming content on the platform. Now, YouTube wants to meld the gaming community with the rest of the site.

“We want to continue to build a stronger home for the gaming community that thrives on YouTube, not just the YouTube Gaming app,” the company said in its post.

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