Your Career Awaits: How to Prepare For a Video Interview

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

The good news is that taking part in a video interview may give you the opportunity to get a job that you had no chance of getting before. The bad news is that you probably suck at digital interviews.

The ability to shine in a video interview is not something that comes about by chance. Without a real-life setting, it can feel extremely awkward. But you can get it right with preparation and practice.

Avoid the awkwardness and read on to find out how to prepare for a video interview. Are you ready? Answer the call!

How to Prepare for a Video Interview

You may think that you can get away with interviews in-person forever. But technology and new inventions are changing the face of recruiting. In fact, 63% of companies are now opting for digital interviews.

Follow these video interview tips for unlimited success, both now and in the future.

Know Who You’re Talking To

You may not be there in the flesh, but you still need to know all about the company. That includes the job requirements, the culture, the history, and the boss.

Doing your research beforehand will help you to anticipate the digital interview questions too.

Dress to Impress

Just because you’re in a casual setting, doesn’t mean you can look like a slob. Make a good first impression with attire that is appropriate for the job you’re applying for.

They may not be able to see your lower body, but PLEASE wear pants!

Maintain Eye Contact

This may feel difficult on a computer screen, as you may feel inclined to look at the screen instead of the camera. Try resizing and pulling their video as close to the webcam as possible. This will give the illusion of direct eye contact to the interviewer.

Look Professional

Although your interviewers will not see your lower body, you should be sure your posture looks professional.

Don’t slouch, sit up straight, and face the camera directly. Make sure your face is in the frame correctly and you’re not too high up or too low down.

Prepare Your Tech

One of the most important video interview tips is to prepare your tech beforehand. You don’t want the battery to die halfway through, do you?

Some companies may use specific video interview software. Before the video interview, make sure you know what program to use. This will help to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Prepare Your Surroundings

You may think that the people on the other end of your digital interview can only see your face, but you’re wrong. They may be able to see your surroundings too.

Make sure the room is neat and does not cause any distractions (visually or audibly). Tell your partner to keep the kids away and not to run past the camera half naked.

It may sound logical, but this stuff happens. Even on the BBC news!

Practice Makes Perfect

As with any interview, you may be able to anticipate digital interview questions. Practice in front of your computer screen as many times as possible.

Practice makes perfect, after all!

Keep Calm and Win Your Video Interview

Are you ready to win your digital interview? Now you know how to prepare for a video interview, the world really is your oyster!

Whether your interview is live or digital, check out these most common mistakes to avoid.

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