Speed Equals Success: How to Type Faster Than 100 WPM

The average typing speed is 40 words per minute (WPM).

That might sound fast, but in reality, it’s actually quite slow, and the minimum you want to hit is around 100WPM.

But if you want to improve your typing speed, you may not know how to get better. Do you need a new keyboard? Is there a certain app you can use?

Below you’ll discover some tips that’ll show you how to type faster than 100 wpm. With the help of this post, it won’t be long before you become a top tier typist.

Let’s begin!

Make Time for Practice

Like many things, you can improve your typing speed by practicing. Now, practicing your typing might not sound like a lot of fun. But it’s amazing how quickly you can improve if you create and stick to a dedicated practice regimen.

So, just how do you practice your typing?

Well, the best option is to use a website that’s dedicated to helping people improve their typing speed. Such sites can provide you with proven typing exercises, that can help you get great results in a short amount of time.

Practicing your typing can be a little rough on your wrists. Because of this, it’s important you think about ergonomics and use something like a keyboard riser stand to help you avoid injury.

Change Your Keyboard

If you want to take things to the next level, you should think about changing your keyboard. This means instead of using a QWERTY setup, you use a DVORAK one.

DVORAK is a keyboard configuration that changes the location of keys. The changes allow you to type faster, but they also help reduce the odds of a typing related injury such as repetitive strain.

Now, for you to experience the benefits of DVORAK, you’ll need to put in some practice. But, if you’re willing to go through the pain of learning this new approach, your typing speed will experience a significant upgrade.

Should You use on Speech to Text Tools?

You may try everything mentioned above, but only experience a little bit of improvement. If you find yourself in this position, you might want to take a look at using ‘speech to text’ tool.

Some people find they can speak a sentence, much faster than they can type it. Thus, if you belong to this camp, such a tool might be a good solution for you.

You’ll find that certain platforms like Google Docs will provide a built-in feature that turns speech into text. However, you may find this solution is unreliable, and so you might want to use a paid option instead.

Do You Know How to Type Faster Than 100 Wpm?

With the help of this post, you should now understand how to type faster than 100 WPM.

If you’re currently a slow typer, it’ll take some time to get to this point. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this, and you’ll need to go through this initial frustration if you want to improve your typing speed.

But as long as you can do that, it won’t be long before you look back at your old self, wondering how you managed to deal with your slow typing speed.

Think a new computer might speed up your typing speed? Check out this post to learn how you can buy a refurbished laptop.

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