Amazon Prime will soon include free 1-day shipping

Amazon Prime already offers free two-day shipping, but soon it’ll be even quicker.

Image: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Your $119 annual Amazon Prime membership is about to get you more bang for your buck. Instead of waiting two whole days for online orders to arrive, the e-retailer will soon offer free one-day shipping.

The free shipping news was shared at Amazon’s first quarter earnings call Thursday, where CFO Brian Olsavsky said $800 million is set aside to make the one-day logistics possible. Amazon made nearly $3.6 billion in the first months of the year.

The quicker shipping should start in the next few months. Already in the past month more shoppers were receiving the one-day shipping option for eligible orders and in certain areas. Prime members currently need to spend $35 worth of qualifying items to get one-day delivery. Two-day is the standard free shipping offer.

What Amazon Prime gets you -- shipping-wise.

What Amazon Prime gets you — shipping-wise.

The shipping news comes as the Verge reported on high firing rates at Amazon fulfillment centers for not working fast enough. “Amazon was firing more than 10 percent of its staff annually, solely for productivity reasons,” the Verge found. 

Soon the pressure will increase for workers to get products out of the centers and to customers’ doors even quicker — within 24 hours. 

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