The next iPhone might be able to wirelessly charge some Apple accessories

Wired charging could soon be a thing of the past for Apple’s iPhone.

Image: Getty Images

While Apple fans are getting hyped up for the big March 25 event, a new report circulating the web is already hinting at a new feature for the next iPhone model.

9 to 5 Mac has shared a report from Japanese Apple blog Macotakara that the next model of iPhone will be able to wirelessly charge other devices, including AirPods and the Apple Watch. 

That’s according to Chinese supplier sources, Macotakara says, while suggesting that the Apple Watch will likely be powered up by the iPhone using this method.

TF International Securities Ming-Chi Kuo first predicted that Apple’s 2019 flagship iPhones would work with bidirectional wireless charging, days before Samsung launched its Galaxy S10 line with Wireless PowerShare.

As noted above, this kind of wireless charging is already available with the Galaxy S10 and the Huwaei Mate 20 Pro. That the new AirPods 2 also feature a wireless charging case could be a big indicator Apple is finally ready to roll out its version on the next iPhone.

This is also all kinds of interesting when you take into account, much as our own Raymond Wong has, that Apple still hasn’t given us the long-promised AirPower wireless charging mat. Wong even suggested it’s possible AirPower makes its debut at the March 25 event — even though the reveals are expected to be more geared toward services.

That big to-do is expected to see the introduction of Apple’s highly anticipated streaming service as well as it’s new subscription-based news service. Given the round of hardware announcements Apple has already made, including the aforementioned AirPod 2s and new iPad models, we’re unlikely to see much in the way of any other hardware announcement. 

Besides, new iPhone models are traditionally announced at Apple’s annual fall event so you’ll probably have to wait another six months for any official confirmation of this latest rumor. 

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